The sports media voices of Title IX: Christine Brennan

Christine Brennan, right, with Billie Jean King during an event in Cleveland celebrating the 35th anniverary of Title IX in 2007.

USA Today award-winning columnist Christine Brennan shot us an email this morning — she just got back to her D.C. offices after having covered the U.S. Open in San Francisco and then delivering a speech in Seattle. She has two Title IX events this afternoon and evening that she’s either speaking at or moderating.


While she can explain most of how her career as a media member unfolded in her recent autobiography “The Best Seat in the House: A Father, A Daughter, A Journey Through Sports” (2006, Scribner, 283 pages), where she’s also done work for ABC, ESPN, NPR and wrote the national bestseller “Inside Edge: A Revealing Journey into the Secret World of Figure Skating,” aside from having her own website (, maybe all she needed to say about Title IX is today’s column (linked here).

It concludes with this paragraph:

One can argue that Title IX is the most important law in our nation over the past 40 years. Others will disagree, but no one can deny just how significant it has been. Think of that girl-athlete you see in the kitchen every morning. Whatever she is going to become — a mother, a lawyer, a doctor, a businesswoman, a coach, a teacher or some combination thereof — she will be better at it because she played sports.

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