The sports media voices of Title IX: Chris McKendry



No mincing words here. Chris McKendry, an ESPN anchor since 1996, uses a most direct approach to explain her Title IX feelings:

Without Title IX, I would not be a sportscaster.

I am first generation Title IX, meaning sports teams and opportunities were available to me throughout my life. I played in recreation leagues from the time I was in first grade. I played varsity soccer, basketball and tennis through high school and tennis in college. Growing up, I loved sports and always wanted to work “in sports” somehow. That desire led me to television broadcasting.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be “on television” or in entertainment. Had my exposure to sports been limited in my youth, I’m sure I would have found another passion.

I approach my job with the experience and confidence of someone who played sports as opposed to one who watched and read a lot about sports. It makes a difference in how I engage an interview subject and build chemistry with ESPN analysts and co-anchors.

I often say that without sports, I would not be the same Chris McKendry. I would be the “sister of those three athletic McKendry brothers.”

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