The sports media voices of Title IX: Doris Burke


Before going on the air tonight as part of ABC’s coverage of the NBA Finals, Doris Burke sent us her thoughts about the Title IX anniversary and what it has meant to her broadcasting career:

When I thought about your questions, it dawned on me that the passage of that legislation occurred the same year I started to play basketball.

I was 7 years old, and our family had just moved from New York to New Jersey. The new house was right next door to a park and it seems to me I spent much of my childhood from that point forward in that park dribbling a ball. Obviously, it is difficult for me to quantify exactly what impact that legislation has had on my career.

I do know that the park was where I started to dream dreams of going to college on a basketball scholarship. I do know it feels like the passage was a significant moment in what has been an on-going journey for women in the sports landscape in its entirety.

As indebted as I feel to all of the women who have proceeded me in this business, i am equally grateful for the cultural changes aided by Title IX’s passage.

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