Where can you own your ‘own’ Stanley Cup


A few places, we’ve discovered.

It depends on how big you need it. And if you’re given up on the stupid inflatable ones, but something you can actually hold over your head.

When the Stanley Cup playoffs started in April, NBC and the NHL unveiled a version in New York that was 21 feet tall and more than 6,000 pounds that acted like a water fall (linked here). They also created some 48-pound chocolate versions (linked here).

You can’t get them anymore, apparently. Neither could the Rangers.

Those other La Coupe Stanley replicas that are accessable:

Actual size: This guy on eBay.com who won’t admit where he’s from (linked here) offers one same height (almost three feet) and weight (about 35 pounds) for $100. Not really That’s the down payment. Total cost: $1,700. It’s paper mache and chrome paint (that’s the finished product, above). Materials alone, he says, cost him $500. It also takes up to a month to make. Your call.

Two feet tall: One on NHL.com is very shiny (linked here). Cost: $325. It includes white gloves to handle it, an “authentic” table cloth to display it, a “protective” bag to store it, a certificate and plaque. But no Kings logo on it. It’s as close to original as you might find. On Bizrate.com, we found one even less expensive — one listed for $400 that you can get for $290 (linked here). That might be the winner in this size option category, although we’re not that impressed with the logo.

One foot tall: The Bradford Exchange (linked here) has one that’s kinda cool with the team logo, team name and Stanley Cup champions logo, for $120, plus $14 shipping.


Eight inches tall: The most popular one is the Hunter version selling at the TeamLAStore.com (linked here) for $41.38. Add another $10 for standard shipping. It has the much cleaner look with the painted pewter medallion logo and date. Most collectors seem happiest with this one. It’s also offered on Amazon.com, sold by NoseForTheNet (linked here) goes for $50, plus shipping. A version at FansEdge.com (linked here) is also available for $50.

== Less than eight inches: A “paperweight” version on NHL.com (linked here) fails to give the dimensions, but lists it at $19.95, suggesting the photo attached (5 1/2 inches) from Forever Collectable may be actual size.

== About five inches? A Christmas ornament, also on NHL.com (linked here) goes for $14.95. That’s about as small as you’d want, right?

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