Does Mark Madsen have at shot at dancing his way back onto the Lakers’ roster? Check the Stanford Intramurals box scores


Stanford University photo, via
Mark Madsen, left, who played briefly in a rec league, was recently hired as an assistant coach for the Stanford men’s basketball team.

Mark Madsen is only 36 years old, after all. Two years younger than Steve Nash.

And he’s been staying in shape while playing, according to the Wall Street Journal, in Stanford University’s Intramural basketball league while he’s enrolled in the business school. The story points out that Madsen’s team, for goodness sake, just tore apart another team called Full Frontal Nerdity.

Why wouldn’t that put him on the Lakers’ radar about a mid-mini-sub-micro-level roster exemption spot?

(Turns out, he was kicked out of the Stanford league when an adminstrator told him there’s a rule that prevents former professional athletes from playing in an intramural league that’s assocated to their sport. Madsen argued that he’s not a “former” pro because he’s not filed retirement paperwork. Those Stanford folks — always taking things literally).

He’s resigned to becoming an assistant coach with the Cardinal’s men’s basketball team. But should the Lakers somehow get back to having a championship parade, it wouldn’t be such a crazy idea to find him again for one more victory dance.

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