It’s Out of the Question: Shaq may not be all that amused from what pops up on a video Google search for his own comedy series

True or false: TruTV is giving Shaquille O’Neal his own comedy show?

True enough. With some false positives.

A YouTube-driven series that borrows the “Tosh.O” template at Comedy Central, but hopefully less crass, “Upload With Shaquille O’Neal” (info linked here) promises to give the former Lakers center, comedian and rapper (see: Tribute to Kobe Bryant, “Tell Me How My #@& Tastes,” from June 2008) plenty of material to pick from.

Like, clips from the “Shaq Vs.” series he attempted to do for ABC in 2009, two years after he couldn’t simply persuade a bunch of weight-challenged kids to shed some pounds on “Shaq’s Big Challenge” just by yelling at them in 2007?

Google search some outtakes from his current Buick commercial where he can’t get his sweater vest out of the LaCrosse hybrid without pulling his personal emergency break (above).

And there’s some stuff with his now-ex-wife we’re sure he’d just as soon have go away.

Careful what you ask for.

== What kind of rocket scientists are out of control at Cal Tech’s athletic program? (linked here). Can you imagine the new rich storylines that can come from this for the “Big Bang Theory?”

== Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson claim they’ve had a side-splitting laugh as well at Kobe’s expense, after his claim that the 2012 U.S. Olympic basketball team would beat the 1992 “Dream Team.”

Why is there even a debate?

Jordan is 49, Magic turns 53 next month, there’s Bird pushing 55. And Barkley gotta be past three spins on the weight-o-meter again, right?

As much comedic material that might provide for Shaq, left off the original “Dream Team,” he didn’t really want to get into any more Kobe-bashing when asked about it during his visit to Comic-Con in San Diego (linked here).

== Wouldn’t it be a bigger global scandal if China’s Olympic outfits were made in some U.S. sweatshop?

== How could it have been easier to see Blake Griffin’s knee eventually give out while he was blocking the shot of some Lithuanian on a breakaway in London, rather at the U.S. training camp in Vegas when he was going through the motions?

== If the list must include Andruw Jones, Milton Bradley, Darryl Strawberry, J.D. Drew, Darren Dreifort, Jason Schmidt, Delino DeShields, Dave Goltz, Don Stanhouse and Billy Ashley, then who gets bumped from the Dodgers’ Top 10 all-time disappointments to create space for Juan Uribe? Or was this just too easy to see coming?

== We kept Jose Offerman off that sort of list? How was Steve Howe omitted?


== Yo, Derek Lowe and Carolyn Hughes: What does a summer in Cleveland smell like this time of year?

== Did the $2.925 million that the Washington Nationals just gave Lucas Giolito cover all his medical expenses as well as his four-year tuition at Harvard-Westlake?

== Penn State officials dispatched a slew of security out to protect the campus statue of Joe Paterno after the Freeh Report came out.

Nothing honorable, let along ironic, about that?

== And on the topic of abandonment issues:

Linda Chase kept her body of her companion Charles Zigler propped up in a living room chair in their Jackson, Mich., home long after he died at age 67 some 18 months ago. She said she wanted to have someone to talk to while she did things like watch NASCAR races on TV.

It breaks our drive shaft that Chase will have to watch Zigler go on the permanent DL for the rest of the Chase for the Sprint Cup. But then, was he counted the same way as any of the other expired viewers during Nielsen’s race car rating research?

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