It’s Out of the Question: Aw, Howard’s a wise guy, eh?


We had a dream last night where we were watching the Cartoon Network, and there was Moe, Curly and Dwight Howard slapping each other with rolled up sheets of paper – perhaps, pieces of an NBA contract – while in a Dodger Stadium luxury suite.

One of them — the real tall one — ended up on the video board smiling next to his girlfriend, supposedly as a guest of a Dodgers co-owner with some kind of ties to the Lakers.

Can we assume Dwight Howard isn’t such a stooge that he knows the Dodgers don’t play in his destination dream spot of Brooklyn anymore?

According to a website called, he’s going to sign a contract extension and come to L.A. any day now.

According to Howard’s agent, speaking to anyone still listening, that’s not happening.

Where is Jim Gray when you need a long-winded decision to finally reach some kind of closure?

The heart of the matter always seems to go back to where Howard’s heart lies here.

The only thing that makes sense anymore is a post Friday on the Wall Street Journal, of all sports websites, where a Mad Lib format was created: “The All-Star center recent went to a (blank) where the crowd (blank) and he felt (blank).”

This storyline isn’t a blank slate any more. The D-Ho-to-Hollywood drama will reach a climax. Some how. Some day.

We’re just waiting when we ask a real GM what’s going on. Meaning, where’s Jerry West when the Lakers need a Shaq-like deal closed?

== Investors in the New York Knicks’ parent company MSG Sports are so upset over the team allowing Jeremy Lin to just walk away to Houston, stock in the franchise has dropped some 8.5 percent – a loss of more than $100 million in the last five days, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Forbes analysts forecast that if the NBA goes ahead with selling advertising patches on jerseys, like most international sports teams do, the league could generate as much as $100 million in new revenue per season. The Knicks alone could make $3 million a year from a patch no bigger than 2 -by-2 inches big.

Knicks’ shareholders need to know: How much for a 10-foot wrap-around bus sign attached to Carmelo Anthony every other game?

== The Houston Rockets know they’re getting Lin, and not Yao Ming, right? All because the New York Knicks finally show some financial sanity?

== Trayvon Robinson?

Oh, right. The 24-year-old one-time Dodgers hot-shot prospect banished to Seattle last year is hitting .265 in 79 games with a team-worst 78 strike outs, 10th on the team with a .745 OPS. That’s with the team’s Triple-A Tacoma affiliate, by the way, not even an option for a Seattle team hitting .234 and an MLB-worst .662 OPS.

== As the British Open ends within a week of the starting ceremonies for the London Summer Games, didn’t they de facto make golf part of the Olympic movement?

== What do you say Penn State removes the JoePa statue, melts it down, sells the precious medal, and divides the cash among the Sandusky victims, just to do something right for a change?

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