A Redondo Beach-kind of Stanley Cup-type day


Some photos of this morning’s Stanley Cup visit to the Redondo Beach Cafe, via the Redondo Beach city council and the Kings Alumni Association/KingsCare Foundation:


It might be real apparent, but Chris, left, and Kosta Tsangaris (above), the owners of the Redondo Beach Cafe, were able to sneak a basket of their famous poutine fries into the top of the Cup for a photo oppo inside the restaurant (right) just before it made its way outside for the public exhibition.

What the heck is poutine?

French fries, hot gravy and chunks of curd cheese. The Greek brothers from Montreal brought that comfort-food item to the menu, along with plenty of other Canadian cusine, when they opened the place — as well as non-stop hockey on the TV screens.


Daryl Evans and Jim Fox, part of the Kings’ Alumni Association, brought the Cup down from its table for a personalized visit to those handicapped visitors:

Once you got close enough to the Cup, you could see how the entire team roster was engraved for every Stanley Cup winner …


And that’s me, left, with my friend Walt Kasha, who came by for the fun. That little Stanley Cup is one I just bought. I needed a new shot glass:


For some kids, playing table hockey was just fine:


And finally: Not the first, and definitely not the last, to hoist their baby into the Cup for a photo opp:

i-8b703a3d55ba9f293a17d839386969cf-SMALLPhoto07251017 (1).jpg

A far better set of photos from staff photographer Scott Varley are up (at this link).

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