A pint of Olympic TV notes: Did you get spoiled by NBC’s Missy Franklin teaser? No, because it wasn’t on the West Coast


The Sports Business Daily was among several who reported Monday night that NBC spoiled the results of Missy Franklin’s win in the 100-meter backstroke before the race aired during its delayed primetime broadcast.

After NBC’s Dan Hicks finished calling the men’s 200 meter final, sandwiched between Franklin’s qualifying for the 200 meters final and her race in the backstroke when he said going into a commercial break: “How good can Missy Franklin be tonight? Finals of 100 back coming up.”

On the East Coast, a promo for Tuesday’s morning’s episode of “Today” then aired, with the voiceover: “When you’re 17 years old and win your first Gold Medal, there’s nobody you’d rather share it with. We’re there when Missy Franklin and her parents reunite.”

Then they showed Franklin eventually winning that first gold.

On the West Coast, the NBC “Today” show promo was swapped out with one instead that promised a feature on men’s swimmer Ryan Lochte and the U.S. men’s gymnastics team.

The New York Times reported (linked here) that the promo wasn’t properly screened by NBC’s marekting people before it aired in the East and Central, but not in the West or Mountain.

“They said, `Let’s try to crash the spot and rush it to air,’ and I think they miscalculated a little bit about where the show was,” said John Miller, the chief marketing officer of the NBC Universal Group.

Miller said he was a “little surprised” by the vehemence about the Franklin promo on Twitter.

“It’s not as if these results are a secret,” he said. “The race was seven or eight hours old, so the number of people who were surprised was somewhat small, and a few people said, `Look what they’ve done!'”

== Update on Twitter messiness: Guy Adams, the L.A.-based London Independent writer who had his Twitter account suspended because of an NBC protest, was back to tweeting today.

@guyadams read: “Oh. My Twitter account appears to have been un-suspended. Did I miss much while I was away?”

Mashable.com reported that within minutes after Adams tweeted that, it was retweeted “more than 750 times — underlining what a cause celebre his case has become.”

According to Adams, NBC withdrew its request for the account suspension — “No further explanation given or apology offered,” he wrote.

No details from Twitter, either, as for why it banned Adams, who ran the company email address for NBC Olympics president Gary Zenkel, encouraging people to write him to complain.


== Why you can’t even escape Olympic results during a Dodgers’ broadcast:

Vin Scully informed viewers in the second inning of tonight’s game — at about 7:45 p.m. — as Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor came to bat, that the crowd had been told of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team gold medal and they began to applaud.

“I imagine (Treanor) had a few goose bumps of his own.” Scully explained, noting how Treanor’s wife, Misty May-Treanor, had won the first two rounds of the women’s beach volleyball tournament with partner Kerri Walsh Jennings. Scully also said on Monday, Treanor was in the Dodgers’ clubhouse watching the NBCOlympics.com feed on his computer of his wife’s second-round victory.

NBC’s delayed prime-time coverage of the day’s Olympic events — including the U.S. women’s team gold in gymnastics — had yet to start its 8 p.m.-to-midnight telecast.

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