‘That is blinkin’ fertilizer’: Another Scully classic moment translating Jim Tracy’s justfied tirade, and the best way to sum up the lack of replay available to the umps

More to the point after all this was Vin Scully surmising how instant replay — the Prime Ticket telecast was able to show this catch/non-catch by Colorado’s Dexter Fowler at least a half dozen times — isn’t available to the umpires to get it called right:

“What’s a shame, really: We have the (replay) equipment and no one takes avail of it. I mean, they say it would slow up the game? What did that (argument) do? They could have someone upstairs, or an umpire go and look at the tape. Instead, big argument, a manager is kicked out of the game, the umpires have to reverse … I’m not second-guessing the reversal, they’re doing the best they think. But I’m just saying, here we are, with all that equipment to show it. Want to show it again? Take another look. …

“And imagine real speed. Here are the umpires, you can imagine … watch this … (replayed in real time) … They have to call it now. Now you tell me. Never mind video tape. Never mind all the high-priced equipment. Super slo (motion replay), it hits the glove first, I believe. What do you think. Well, you know what, it doesn’t make a difference what we think.”

Then again, it does make a difference what we think. We are the consumers. We’ve become accustomed with the NFL getting it “right” with their technology. And the NBA using it in late-game decisions. And the NHL on goal/non-goal calls.

For the record, seven minutes elapsed between Shane Victorino’s hit to when the game resumed — stretched out because of Don Mattingly’s protest, the umpire’s prolonged baffling discussion, Jim Tracy’s argument and ejection, calling the Rockies players back on the field, and then coach Tom Runnells’ argument. Had the next batter, Mark Ellis, got under the fly ball a little more and hit it out to give the Dodgers a 3-2 lead, imagine the ramifications. But dumb luck, there was no damage done to the Rockies’ lead.

UPDATE: Tracy on Scully’s “call” of his tirade: “He accurately described it. He’s so well-spoken and a dear friend.” (the Denver Post post linked here).

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