The Hollywood (Reporter) treatment for Scully, Jarrin and their employers


If you happen to visit the upper deck of Dodger Stadium, you may run into these poster-graphics that don certain cement pillars that are apparently necessary to support the roof of the 50-year-old Los Angeles monument.

Draw your own opinions about why such Dodger pillars as Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin seem to be relegated to peering out between some kind of pipes that are essential to the stadium’s fully functionality.

How refreshing, then, that a classy Hollywood Reporter spread on the Dodgers in its Aug. 17 issue includes this shot below of Jarrin and Scully in the Dodger Stadium TV booth:


“My whole reason to be here is right there, between those foul lines,” Scully is quoted. “This is my world.”

The magazine also produced a “behind-the-scenes” video and incredible gallery of shots from their multi-photo cover story (linked here). What, Scully and Jarrin weren’t cover worthy? Both have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


“With unprecedented access, exclusive interviews and photos, the new ownership team tells THR about its plan to woo Hollywood with a glitzy makeover and business deals that could make that $2.15 billion purchase price actually pay off,” says the magazine in a piece by Daniel Miller.

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