Pac-12 to DirecTV subscribers: ‘We recommend finding another TV provider’


The live coverage of two Pac-12 football games tonight exclusively on the new Pac-12 Network, and four more over the weekend, is cause for some concern in these parts who don’t have access to the new channels.

If you have Time Warner Cable, Comcast or Cox Cable, you should be good. If you’ve got DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T or Verizon Fios, there’s nothing new to report in negotiations.

It has led to the Pac-12 making its viewpoint clear on this in this “Dear Fan” letter it published on its website (linked here).

There’s no deal pending with DirecTV, the Pac-12 admits.

“If you’re one of the fans who won’t be satisfied without Pac-12 football, or our more than 135 men’s basketball games and hundreds of other live events, we recommend finding Pac-12 Networks with another television provider.”

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  • P

    “Every (football) game will be on TV … ” the PAC-12 spokesman said. lol.

    Jim Rome radio show leaving Premiere Network for CBS Sports Radio. Thoughts?

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    URGENT! Direct TV Customers email your concerns to Ellen Filipiak, SVP of Customer Care at eafilipiak (at) directv (dot) com