KLAC knows where its bread is buttered: Dodger pregame Sunday cuts off Packers-49ers game in mid-fourth-quarter drive on 570-AM


Posted by Don Martin on LARadio.com, an email from reader Brad Cramer of LaHabra Heights:

“Kudos to Don Martin and the decision-makers at KLAC. Sunday afternoon, the station was carrying the second game of Dial-Global’s syndicated NFL doubleheader between the 49ers and Packers. At exactly 4:30, with just a few minutes left in the game and the Packers driving to try and tie the score, KLAC ended its coverage [in mid-play, no less] and began the Dodgers pre-game show.

“I understand that the station is contractually obligated to do that, but Joe or Jane Listener driving in his or her vehicle doesn’t know that. What’s really puzzling is that a simple announcement to the audience that the station was beginning its Dodger coverage, and those who wanted to hear the completion of the football game could simply tune down the dial to sister station KTLK was all that was needed.

“By doing this, Clear Channel would not have a bunch of listeners ticked off at them for cutting off the football game. The only problem is: that would have necessitated someone at the station to voice the announcement. For a station that relies almost exclusively on Fox Sports Radio’s syndicated programming, that could be a problem. I guess the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield and KLAC’s listeners have a lot in common: They get no respect at all.”

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