Take a Dodgers survey about ’13 promo items, and excuse the typo in Question 1 …


The Dodgers just tweeted out a survey they’re asking folks to take, so check it out here (at thls link).

They say they’re considering brining back the Oldtimer’s Game, for one thing, and want to know if you’re on board. (Yes).

Among the promotional considerations for 2013 are garden gnomes, earbuds, iPhone covers, spray fans, bats (pick ’em up at a different location), salsa bowls and …. wait for it … a door mat.

Doesn’t that leave things up for interpretation? (Yes)

Who do you want to see on a bobblehead? (Aside from Roger the Peanut man ?)

Wait, there’s nothing that asks if we want the Hollywood Stars game to come back (Yes, if there are actual stars).

For starters, here’s Question 1:

== Including games you’ve already attended, approximately how many Dodger games to you personally plan to attend at Dodger Stadium this season (2012)?

(We think they mean “do you” instead of “to you” … is that an indication of how the results will be interpreted?)

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