Vin Scully, square? Oh, Vin Scully Square … (Not Vin Scully’s pocket square?)


L.A. City Councilman Ed Reyes and Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council president Jose Sigala are behind a petition on (linked here) that seeks support for changing the interesection of Elysian Park and Sunset Blvd., down the hill from Dodger Stadium, to Vin Scully Square (map linked here).

It’s really more of a T-square traffic jam before every Dodger home contest, where the seedy Super 8 Motel is the only real landmark letting you know it’s time to get in the right-turn lane (if you’re coming West on Route 66) or else you’ll pass through and have to make an illegal U-turn near Alvarado.

Scully would never endorse such a petition, of course. He barely wants it known that he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Talk of having a statue built of him sometime near the ballpark is preposterous in his opinion. There are less than 50 signatures on this one so far — more an indication that the word really hasn’t gotten out on this much.

Meanwhile, there’s a stretch of 11th Street north of Staples Center that was changed to Chick Hearn Court following the passing of the Lakers’ Hall of Fame broadcaster in 2004. Soon enough, he had a statue for him as well.

Last year, a movement on to voice approval for Fox adding Scully to the 2011 World Series broadcast team (linked here) had more than 7,600 signatures, as well as Joe Buck’s endorsement (linked here). And it didn’t happen.

So while this probably not have his blessings, you never know. He did acquiesce to have a bobblehead produced in his honor. And a rainbow came out.

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