Weekly media column version 09.14.12

What’s included in this week’s version of the sports media column (linked here):


What’s not included:

LA wants @Pac12 Networks, especially this weekend! Join the T... on Twitpic

== Rock on: The new John Clayton ESPN SportsCenter piece has generated more than 2 million YouTube hits (linked here). ….but how does it rank among the USA Today best of all-time? (linked here).

== And now, a real blooper reel:

== Baltimore Ravens radio voice Gerry Sandusky has to keep explaining that he’s not the former Penn State assistant coach, as Rick Reilly explains (linked here). Why he won’t change his name? “I’m not going to turn my back on my mother and father,” he says, the later of whom was a former NFL assistant coach.

== Only 1,000 folks in Houston are watching the Astros on TV last Sunday, up against the NFL? Why not sign Roger Clemens for the final Sunday of the year? (linked here).

== Bob Costas is big enough to slam NBC for showing “Animal Practice” debut during the Olympics closing ceremony on the Conan O’Brien TBS show, leaving them both slamming the peacock (above)

== Surely, Costas has better ways to spend his time than being on “Real Time With Bill Maher,” yet he’s scheduled to be included in tonight’s episode (10 p.m.), pretending with the others to laugh at Maher’s monologue.

== It’s not just our awful opinion that Erin Andrews has been awful on Fox’s CFB pregame show that, thankfully, continues to get pre-empted by unrealistic sports programming windows leading in (linked here).

== And finally: Andrews tweeted out this photo earlier in the week with the reponse: “Not a good night for the girl.” We are to assume she lost a bunch of tic-tac-toe games on a dining room table cloth. We are to hope this isn’t the extend of her knowledge of Xs and Os:

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