How’s that USC-Cal game playing on DirecTV? Oh, right … Get used to it


(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
A fan wears a mask of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the first half of Saturday’s USC-Cal game at the Coliseum today.

Get up on the roof and kick the dish a few times. Maybe that’ll shake something up and have the Pac-12 Network come on.

Outside of having to actually go to a sports bar to watch or, heaven forbid, listen to the radio, USC’s 17-3 halftime advantage over Cal was highlighted by a press box visit from commissioner Larry Scott.

Who, as has been the case the last five weeks, had no answers for the current impasse between the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV carriage, as well as Charter Cable, but did offer that it doesn’t look like it’ll be an issue that goes away any time soon.


Scott said he received a combined 80,000 tweets and emails from Pac-12 fans asking what could be done to resolve the fact that, while Time Warner Cable, Dish Network and Comcast have signed up, the L.A. marketplace with heavy DirecTV and Charter usage continues to be in the dark.

“I know from the reaction I’ve got, there’s a real passion among our fan base and they want to see their teams play and they’re frustrated,” Scott said. “I feel bad about that.

“I know the greater L.A. market is a very important market for us with USC and UCLA here and no NFL team. Keep in mind, we’ve had UCLA on the network last week, we have USC this week, UCLA’s on the network next week, and while the next round of games will only get released six or 12 days before, you’re going to see USC on the network again, you’ll probably see UCLA again – there’s going to be a lot of L.A. football this season, and moreover, we’ll have 70 percent of our basketball games on the Pac-12 Network.

“With UCLA where it is (in basketball) and USC pretty optimistic about what it’s going to look like – it’s not just football issues. It may be even more during basketball season. This is going to be accentuated during basketball season. It’s just that we’re in football season now.

“This is going to be a very real issue here in L.A. until this gets resolved.”

The Pac 12 sent out an email with a list of local bars and restaurants in the L.A. area that it knows carries its network, which consists of a national feed and six regionals and started up on Aug. 15.

Time Warner Cable and Comast as the major players on board from the start. Dish joined a week ago and, during Saturday’s USC-Cal game, took advantage of an exclusive marketing agreement that allowed it to advertise it had signed up for the service.

DirecTV told its customers Thursday that it proposed having the Pac-12 Net as a stand-alone channel that could have been available before Saturday’s slate of games for anyone who wanted to take it. It also said it had another proposal where customers could buy future games on a demand basis until a deal was worked out. The Pac-12 Network refused both offers.

DirecTV currently offers none of its sports channels on a demand-pay basis.

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