A gold-medal pregnancy: Kerri Walsh Jennings was with child No. 3 during her Olympic volleyball run

Now, apparently, it can be told: Kerri Walsh Jennings was diving around on the sand in London five weeks into her third pregnancy when she and Misty May-Treanor were winning their third women’s Olympic beach volleyball gold medal in early August.

She and husband Casey Jennings told the NBC “Today” show and Matt Lauer all about it this morning. Looks like they had to get up a the crack of dawn to do so.

The due date for this kid is April 9. Nine months after the 2008 Bejing Games, Walsh Jennings gave birth to her first son, Joey. In 2010, Kerri had her second son, Sundance.

Walsh Jennings said she was “unreasonably moody” during the trip to London. It wasn’t until May-Treanor suggested the pregancy angle that he began to enter her mind.

Walsh Jennings says she wants to play in the Rio Games in 2016.

Not that we doubted that Walsh Jennings was delivering the news for the first time today, but the fact that People Magazine’s “Celebrity Babies” blogged about it (linked here) makes everything real.

It also touched off an interesting dialogue on the Today show’s health blog about whether it’s wise to be running, jumping and kicking up sand at any time in a pregnancy (linked here).

Walsh Jennings admitted she had a miscarriage before having her first son, and she knows the risks are greater early in the pregnancy.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC’s chief medical editor, says competing at the games did not increase Walsh Jennings’ risk of complications.

“The embryo is microscopic. It’s just implanted in the lining of the uterus,” Snyderman says. “It would take an act of God to dislodge it, not a bump on the tummy, not a dive.”

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