The MLB has a logo for a tiebreaker game?


That’s wishful thinking.

If the Dodgers and Cardinals miraculously tie for the final NL wildcard spot — and, really, if they did, shouldn’t they both be declared ineligible based on lack of production? — there’ll be a game on Thursday, Oct. 4 at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers say so in an email this morning, with a link to a place you can purchase tickets (linked here).

Of course, it comes with the disclaimer: “Tickets will be refunded if the game isn’t required/played.” There needed to be two words to sum up what happens if the game doesn’t happen?

The MLB logomakers don’t have to stop at tiebreakers. Why not make one for the Dodgers’ final series against the Giants. If he had more time to mess with Photoshoop, we might even create our own: RIVALRY IN NAME ONLY …. LAME DUCK SERIES … LET’S NOT HURT ANYONE FINAL THREE … ZITO’S ON THE POSTSEASON ROSTER?

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