Apparently, Vic ‘The Brick’ isn’t diverse enough for ‘Loose Cannon’ status … ain’t that a shame


The noticeable absence of Vic “The Brick” Jacobs from the KLAC-AM (570) “Loose Cannons” mid-day show, co-hosted these days by Steve Hartman and Pat O’Brien, has resulted in more than a few inquiring e-mails of concern.

Not having listened to the show for weeks (sorry, perhaps it’s more like months, a combination of when KSPN-AM 710 switched Mason and Ireland to a noon start, the start of the MLB playoffs, and the regular healthy dose of NPR’s KPCC or KCRW), it’s not a surprise that the station either on or off the air hasn’t explained to listeners why a long-time L.A. radio fixture like Jacobs has been taken off as any kind of host.

According to sources, he will be used more as a “reporter” covering the Lakers, going to all practices and games and doing updates. That’s probably a safer place to put him so he’s not in O’Brien’s way, taking O’Brien’s airtime, or making O’Brien frustrated.

Another adjustment includes David Vassegh, with the Dodgers’ season finished, focusing on the Clippers.

What does a Jacobs-less “Cannon” show sound like? One reader has called it something geared to “male menopause,” with all the ’60s and ’70s bumper music to appease the hosts who might be a better fit on KRTH-FM.

Sources also say there’s a search going on for a new third “Cannon” member, with an emphasis on a diversity hiring. If three over 50 white guys aren’t moving the needle, why would just two?

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