By our calculations, it should be a 45 percent discount at the UCLA store …

An online ad for the UCLA campus sports apparel store that ties a 5- percent saving for every Bruins touchdown scored in the previous Saturday game at the Rose Bowl should have resulted in a huge payoff today.

Except for the fine print.

The Bruins racked up nine touchdowns in a surprising 66-10 win over Arizona. But that doesn’t compute to a 45-percent discount (please, check our math on that one).

The cutoff for the promotion is 5 TDs, it says here: “*Maximum discount is 25%. No other discounts apply. Not valid on textbooks, diploma frames, Limited Edition Merchandise, or UCLA Store gift cards. Subject to in-stock merchandise. Online offer valid 12:00am to 11:59 (PST) Monday following a home game.”

Officials at UCLA note this online promotion has been going on for several years, and anyone bringing a ticket stub to the UCLA store on the Monday after the game can receive the same 25 percent (maximum) discount.

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  • SlipperyPete

    So you have shown that you have the most basic reading comprehension and math skills. Congrats you pass the 3rd grade.

    • Nuschler

      Agree with you SP! The campus store is doing everyone a favor with the 25% off!
      Does Tom Hoffarth think that the store should give stuff away (“free guys!”)if the Bruins scored 20 touchdowns? What an intelligent column Tom! Do you get paid for such brilliant insight into sports?