It’s Out of the Question: Phil’s ringing endorsement of Jeanie

Happen to see the rock Phil put on Jeanie’s finger over Christmas?
It’s been all over Twitter more than an Erin Andrews’ Instagram promoting her New Year’s Eve hook up with (fill in the name of a Kings’ player).
Don’t you think Jeanie’s pursuit of a ring had to be a far more arduous journey than the 11 pieces of crushed coal bestowed upon Phil for the manner in which he positioned himself on the bench in an official capacity for the world championship Bulls and Lakers?
Or was this Phil’s best revenge, becoming an official brother-in-law of the guy who left him at the altar when the team last made a knee-jerk head coaching switch?

==  Charles Barkley is the latest to come out and say the Lakers have “none . . . zero . . . . zero chance” of winning the 2013 NBA title.
He should know. Number of NBA titles on Barkley’s resume?
Zippity doo dah.

== “Happy National Spaghetti Day,” Tommy Lasorda tweeted out Friday. “Make sure you have a bowl or two, and don’t forget the meatballs.”
Seriously, he sent that out just two minutes after tweeting a link to a vitamin and suppliment health website that pays him as a spokesman?

== Five-point-four million bucks was the initial listing price for the “Field of Dreams” 193-acre cornfield on the Dyersville, Iowa farm. It sold last week to a group that includes Hall of Famer Wade Boggs for just $3.4 million.
What’s the catch?

== Officially, how do you define this bowl season so far?
By a USC field goal signaled good in the Sun Bowl, then taken off the board because it was obviously wind-blown left?
By the stretch of the chains obviously showing Michigan came up short on of a critical fourth-quarter first down in the Outback Bowl, but was given it anyway?
Or by a Fiesta Bowl referee having to check a replay and then explain that, yes, Oregon missed its PAT, but will be awarded one point safety anyway?

==  It’s “Forrest Gump” vs. “Rudy” in Monday’s college football national championship game, but the way Alabama plans on getting focused for Monday’s contest is a team viewing of the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” on Sunday.
Not “North Dallas Forty”?

== Did it take LSU’s one-point, last-second loss in the esteemed Chick-fil-A Bowl to make you realize you can’t spell “Les Miserables” without Les Miles?

== If current USC football recruits are lining up now to de-commit, what makes Lane Kiffin believe he’s going to be able to recruit a credible defensive coordinator? Unless that candidate has eyes on becoming the new head coach in 2014?

==  Because the Lingerie Football League has “reached a crossroad of gaining credibility as a sport rather than being viewed as a gimmick,” league founder Mitch Mortaza says that next week at a press conference in Hollywood, he’ll reveal a new name for the organization, show off new uniforms and discuss a new TV network affiliation with NBC Sports.
That’s his tease? We feel like a boob for even listening.

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