Say it ain’t so, Marino

Dan Marino warms up for an appearance on CBS’ “The Talk” this week from New Orleans, but probably didn’t talk about anything that’d be as interesting as if he would have appeared today (Photo: CBS)

CBS says that NFL studio analyst Dan Marino has “said all there is to say” on a New York Post exclusive that broke early this morning about him having an affair with a CBS production assistant that resulted in her having their child in 2005 and “he’ll be in his usual role on our broadcast Super Bowl Sunday.”

Usual, but not without some raised eyebrows from viewers who’ve read Marino’s statement that it was “a personal and private matter (which) I take full responsibility both personally and financially.”

Contrast that with the lead to a story that the Orlando Sun-Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde did last Sunday about Marino, who has been married 28 years to wife Claire and has four sons and two adopted daughters:

“People always lament how sports stars aren’t heroes like they used to be. Lance Armstrong lies. Tiger Woods stains his name. The entire Baseball Hall of Fame ballot is at issue. But what if everyone’s telling the wrong stories?”

Hyde went onto tell the story of Marino meeting a 23-year-old man with autism, and how The Dan Marino Foundation’s WalkAbout Autism fundraiser drew about 20,000 participants Saturday in Miami.

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