Illuminating Super Bowl-blackout related tweets that we saw ….

These landed between the hours of 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. PDT on Super Bowl Sunday, while a nation waited in a dark room in New Orleans waiting for the Beyonce post-game show:

Onion Sports Network@OnionSports:
Superdome lights return as all 53 49ers are lying motionless on ground. Whereabouts of Ray Lewis unknown #SuperBowl

Mark Cuban@mcuban:
How do you find the fuse box at the super bowl?

Eric Stangel@EricStangel:
You know somehow that deer antler spray guy is behind the #SuperBowl47 blackout…

Bob Ley@BobLeyESPN:
Buffalo Wild Wings guys got a tad carried away

Beyonce’s hair dryer already being blamed. #superbowlblackout #SOEBowl

What are the chances it was a BP truck that backed into the Superdome’s main transformer?

We thought we’d take this brief pause to remind you pitchers and catchers report in 8 days.

@YourAnonNews: Finally, America cares about the infrastructure in NOLA.

Richard Deitsch@richarddeitsch:
Right now, Steve Tasker is the person I trust most in America. He knows everything.

Eric Stangel@EricStangel:
80,000 hours of pre-game coverage and all of a sudden when the lights go out they have nothing to say… #SB47

OnionSports: Over 100 NFL players without power in New Orleans right now. Please help. Every donation counts. #SuperBowl

CBS has how many experts at this game and not one electrician to explain this? DIY Network would have this covered.

Seth Meyers@sethmeyers21:
Who is more likely to cramp up: The players after the layoff or the studio analysts trying to fill time?

jimmy fallon@jimmyfallon:
Beyonce literally killed it at the Super Bowl.

bob raissman@nydnraiss:
Millions bailing out to Betty White’s Off Their Rockers on NBC.

Awful Announcing@awfulannouncing:
Thank goodness this power outage is allowing Shannon Sharpe to spread his comedic wings.

Richard Deitsch@richarddeitsch:
Journalism time, kids: CBS needs to get an NFL official on the air to talk about what’s going on.

Onion Sports Network@OnionSports:
Jim Harbaugh telling scoreboard operator he’s “pretty sure” 49ers were up 27-3 #SuperBowl

Dave Itzkoff@ditzkoff:

Awful Announcing@awfulannouncing:
Solomon Wilcots says the league is not prepared to make a statement. GOODELL IN CRISIS!

Patton Oswalt@pattonoswalt:
Just looted the Denny’s on Sand Canyon Road. Join me in my Ragnarok Visible Super Bowl Blackout Bunker! No vegans.

Mike Pereira@MikePereira:
If the Commish was told the lights weren’t going to come back on tonight, He could order the game resumed tomorrow.

The Sklar Brothers@SklarBrothers:
FEMA is on the situation. Lights will be on in 3 weeks. #sb47 #sklarbowl

Will Leitch@williamfleitch:
Seriously, Shannon Sharpe is paid to talk live on television. That’s his job.

Steve Martin@SteveMartinToGo:
Thank God I have this “Superdome Lights-On” iPad app.

And to think: I only follow about 200 people. There had to be much more out there that I missed. Any retweets you found?

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