The Garv has some stuff you might want, too

Yesterday, it was the Juliens Auction house announcement about former Lakers great Elgin Baylor clearing out his attic.

We’re hearing now that former Dodgers All-Star Steve Garvey has done some house-cleaning, too.

Roberto Baly at VinScullyIsMy breaks in today with info about the Garv selling off his 1981 World Series ring and player trophy, his 1974 NL MVP trophy, nine of his 10 N.L. All-Star rings, his 1974 Gold Glove, the ’74 All-Star game MVP trophy, as well as other things related to his football days at Michigan State and things he collected while with the San Diego Padres.

These items are in the Orange County-based SCP Auctions’ April catalog, according to SCP handled the sale for Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series memorabilia a year ago.

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