Walton giveth UCLA punishment, then he giveth praise to Drew II as well … must be a tough-love message

What do you make of this sequence that ESPN’s cameras picked up after UCLA’s Larry Drew II hit a buzzer-beater to lift the Bruins over Washington at Pauley Pavilion?

In the top frame, that’s ESPN analyst Bill Walton with his arms extended and a huge smile while sitting at the broadcast table, once he sees Drew come his way after the game.

Drew follows by pointing at Walton, and Walton points back. Right back at ya….

A Bruin love fest? Not so much during the game. If you missed any of Walton’s running commentary mostly unflattering toward the home team, included was this gem: “This isn’t Seattle. This is Los Angeles. … The best and the brightest of our young people. It’s 49-43 with five minutes to go?”

Later: “Where’s the style, the electricity of the UCLA Bruins? We’re in Los Angeles, the entertainment mecca of the world, a one point game, and the crowd just sitting in their seats.”

Earler: “Arizona is at home watching this and saying to themselves: ‘We lost to this (UCLA) team?'”

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  • RIPbillwalton

    bill walton needs to jump off a cliff, and bring his son with him