Five Things We Learned Last Weekend: Feb. 8-10

Another Grammy moment not worthy for TV: Brian Wilson (seated) is joined by Dennis Wolfe, Alan Boyd and Mark Linett for a backstage photo after winning “best historical album award” for “The Smile Sessions” deluxe box set at Sunday’s ceremony at Staples Center. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

Just a little help staying ahead of the sports world learning curve heading back into the work week:

The Grammy Awards never are lousy when a) Bruce Springsteen wins something and then b) Bruce Springsteen sings. So, judge for yourself how compelling it was Sunday night at Staples Center — a place that needs so much lead time to put on the concert of all concerts and inconveniences everyone else in the process. If we’re going to invest 3 1/2 hours into a glorified NBA halftime show, it’s gotta be more fun than fun. singing “We Are Young” again while making it rain. Which they didn’t even do. Justin Timberlake is back? Did he ever leave? Did Weird Al Yankovic win in his category again? Prince shows, but only to present? No Neil Young, Vince Neil or Neil Diamond? What did JLo win for that dress? What didn’t Beyonce win for that paints suit. And how did “Argo” not take any category?

Lil’ Wayne ought to stay in the moment and not keep getting kicked out of Heat games. Even if he says he was just rooting for the Lakers. LeBron James is doing stuff that must be seen. “He’s making greatness look easy,” Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said after  James’ fifth straight game with at least 30 points – the last two contests coming against the Clippers and Lakers. On national TV. LSU football coach Les Miles live-tweeted the Heat-Lakers game, saying James is “more athletic in person.” From what we hear, James does have some college eligibility left if he ever wants to pull a Jordan and just chill out from NBA greatness for a spell. So apparently James tied some strange NBA record of scoring at least 30 points and shooting at least 60 percent in five straight games. More plays like the one he pulled off during the two-on-one break, where Steve Nash thought he’d do best to stop Norris Cole with the ball, only to see Cole lob it back to James for a dunk that pretty much finished off the Lakers in the 107-97 decision. Also note how the play started with D-Wade saving the ball from going out out bounds, flipping it behind him. The Lakers end the Grammy trip 4-3, and they’ve lost six of the last seven games against the Heat and they’re 9-18 on the road this year.

The kids at “Saturday Night Live” did an opening spoof about how CBS’ “NFL Today” crew stumbled through the 35-minute blackout during the Super Bowl, mostly hitting on the excessive “Two Broke Girl” promos and incessant Shannon Sharpe vamping. More hilarious would have been if someone just edited down the stuff CBS really did put on the air during that time. You’ve also gotta wonder if “SNL” would have been as harsh on NBC’s studio word fillers should they have been put in that same situation. Or if NBC’s crew of Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, Bob Costas and Peter King would have been that inept at doing their job for such a long period of time without a script.

The Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit cover – the 50th anniversary of the annual event — was supposed to revealed on Monday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” But then SI tweeted it out Friday – exposing Kate Upton in Antarctica with the “Polar Bare” headline, nothing on underneath her parka. Someone at Huffington Post saw it on something called But then credited a blogger named Pink Couture on for not giving us the spoiler alert. Then again, claims it had the scoop back in December. is already wondering if back-to-back covers puts the Upton girl into the ranks of the modeling elite. If Upton plays her cards right, she just might get to be on a Super Bowl commercial someday. And a “Saturday Night Live” spoof.

Dwight Howard’s dad makes a lot of sense. Time for Kobe’s dad to chime in.

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