Five things we learned this past weekend: Feb. 22-24

Just a little help staying ahead of the sports world learning curve heading back into the work week:

Figure out what an armbar is yet? It’s how Ronda Rousey would hug you if you approached her at a Smart & Final express line and she was in a hurry. The In-And-Out appearance she made in Anaheim on Saturday night should have led to her exclaim that she was going to Disneyland afterward. Or, at least to the Oscars’ red carpet. And the UFC, still a question mark in our mind about whether this is a legit mainstream sport, is all the better. Because of Rowdy Ronda. “In fact, she might be the best thing to happen to (women’s mixed martial arts) since cornrows and sports bras,” wrote USA Today’s Ben Fowlkes. We submit this for your consideration.

Eighth place doesn’t even get you Miss Congeniality any beauty pageant. And eight wasn’t so great for Danica Patrick at Daytona on Sunday, more like a missed opportunity. With one lap to go, she was sitting third. Dale Earnhardt Jr. took her to school, passed her up, and left her in the dust, as did Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin and a few other drivers’ ed graduates. “I would imagine pretty much anyone would be kicking themselves about what they coulda, shoulda have done to give themselves an opportunity to win,” she said. “I think that’s what I was feeling today, was uncertainty as to how I was going to accomplish that.” Certainly, she’ll have plenty of time to think about that. As will Fox, which had a 30 percent spike in overnight ratings over a year ago (10.0 vs. 7.7). Remember, that’s Danica in the 10 car.

Erin Andrews needed a restrictor plate and a no-hands device in pit row at Daytona. Somehow, she had no kiss-and-tell moment. See how she avoids a 50 Cent faceplant during her inexplicable tromp through a part of the sporting world where she really doesn’t belong. Fox already had a female headliner for the day. Stuff like this is bound to happen at any moment. Next up: Interview with Joe Namath.

Baltimore Ravens receiver/kick returner Jacoby Jones will be on the 16th season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” staring next month. The rest of the cast will be revealed on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America.” We can sit that one out.

A-Rod needs some fast cash. When the Yankees converted third baseman was part of the 2009 World Series winning team, he asked for an additional players’ ring from the team “for a close family member.” Today, bidding begins at $5,000 for said 14K white gold size 16 ring, given to his cousin Yuri Sucart. Apparently, it wasn’t good enough for an episode of “Pawn Stars.” It’s even possible a Wal-Mart store manager could have enough cash on hand to bid on this thing. More info, but not much more insight:

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