The annual media rankings: If there are no further objections, let the ’13 lists begin

We’ve gone later into the year for the first time in more than two decades to finally release the annual best and worst of the L.A. sports media rankings, and there’s no good logical acceptable reason for it. Except we had internal debates on how to freshen it up, make sure no sharks had been jumped, and take better advantage of the current media platforms.

Did we feel deep down that it had run its course, and we’d move onto another topics? Perhaps. It’s not back so much by popular demand — at least not those who inquired via email, texts or pointed fingers in the face. But more because of its intended purpose: Start conversations that lead to better solutions.

Is there a reason why one local sports-talk show host generates listeners than another? Let’s talk about why. What makes him (or her) turn you off? The same for a local TV sports anchor, studio host, game play-by-play man and analyst.

We’ve got the tools to take this into different mediums, so we hope to use as many as possible. My opinions are just a starting point. Yours are what keeps it moving in whatever direction you want it to go.

Launching Friday, the Top 10 and Bottom 5 of the local radio sports-talk show hosts/reporters (as well as a brief ranking of the national guys), and — bonus coverage ,the Top 10/Bottom 5 of the TV talkers.

On March 8, we’ll have both rankings for the play-by-play and analysts.

In the past, we’d try to get this out in January or February, and this was long before the Southern California Sports Broadcasters even held their own ceremony for such folly. Let’s see how it goes from here. Reader response — and media representative hand-wringing — could determine its future from this point forward.

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