Top 10/Bottom 5 L.A. sports-talk hosts for 2013

As mentioned in a previous blog post, better late than never (with more to come). This is Year 21 in doing this for the L.A. Daily News (for those counting) and even three previous years before that exclusively at the Daily Breeze.

So, with a tip o’ the cap to Ed “Superfan” Bieler, Tommy Hawkins, Joe McDonnell, Dave Smith, Chet Forte, Steve Edwards and Eric Tracy, we present:


1. (tie) STEVE MASON and JOHN IRELAND, 710 AM weekday noontime:
Drive you crazy they’re not in drive-time anymore? The station’s ratings prove they’re obliterating the competition in this time slot (consider the 570 alternative) and cutting into other genres, too. They’ve awakened a dead spot in the radio day and laid the groundwork to more listeners in the spot they used to occupy.
Last year: No. 2 (tie)

3. PETROS PAPADAKIS, 570-AM weekday afternoons:
We’ll keep pushing this idea for a Petros and John Papadakis Party Hour from 3-4 p.m.
Last year: No. 1

4. MARCELLUS WILEY, 710-AM weekdays afternoons:
Soon, he’ll be too big for us local listeners. Not literally. ESPN should be calling him for a national show soon.
Last year: No. 7

5. MATT “MONEY” SMITH, 570-AM weekday afternoons:
Still on the money with his L.A. insights.
Last year: No. 6

6. BETO DURAN, 710-AM reporter, fill-in host:
From the biblioteca and beyond, his information translates well.
Last year: No. 8

7. A MARTINEZ, 710-AM “Laker Talk”:
The job is twice as challenging as he also needs most of his brain power on NPR’s KPCC-FM (89.3) during the days. But then, there are much bigger topics than Pau Gasol’s arch to discuss, especially as the local elections come closer.
Last year: No. 4

8. MARK WILLARD, 710-AM weekday mornings:
Deserving of this regular role and time slot. Undeserving of having to be the nanny from 10 a.m. to noon each day.
Last year: Honorable mention.

9. TRAVIS RODGERS, 830-AM weekday mornings:
They’ve shipped Roger Lodge to the afternoons, which is just fine. Too many Ro(d)gers in one room can lead to over and out.
Last year: Not ranked.

10. KEVIN KENNEDY, 570-AM Dodgers postgame:
With reporting by David Vassegh, DodgerTalk should be far more compelling as an every day drama from here.
Last year: Not ranked.

Honorable mention: Nick Nickson and Darryl Evans, 1150-AM Kings talk; Dave Shore, 710-AM Laker talk; Isaac Lowenkron and Brian Seimen, 980-AM Clippers talk; David Vassegh, 570-AM UCLA and Dodger talk, Roger Lodge, 830-AM weekdays, Dr. Robert Klapper, 710-AM Saturday mornings.


1. Anyone paired with Mark Willard, 710-AM weekday mornings:
There are valid reasons why some ESPN writers should be read and not heard. Or why Mychal Thompson deserves the day off. It’s a drive-through training ground where the listeners get short-nuggetted and coffee spilled on their laps every time. We demand a return of Kamenetzky-squared.

2. MAX KELLERMAN, 710-AM weekday afternoons:
He debuted at No. 1 on this list a year ago, and we haven’t maxed out on him. Yet.

3. KEYSHAWN JOHNSON, 710-AM football season:
Just stop giving him the damn mike.

4. JAY FROM COMPTON, 710-AM weekdays:
Nice thought process here — bring in a guy who called so much he wouldn’t go away. A voice of the fan? There’s a reason why professionals are in this role. At least it’s not Stephen A. Smith trying to reinvent himself.

5. TERRY SMITH, 830-AM Angels talk:
Every time he speaks, an Angel loses his wings.

Horrible mention: Lee Hamilton (never will be his real name), 1090-AM weekdays; Darrell Rideaux (not his real calling), 710-AM USC football postgame.

1. Dan Patrick, 570-AM weekday morning drive
2. Petros Papadakis and Matt “Money” Smith, 570-AM weekday afternoons
3. Jay Mohr, 570-AM weekdays
4. Colin Cowherd, 710-AM weekdays
5. Jim Rome, 1090-AM weekday mornings (sorry, it’s a reflection of the single lack of a CBS Network affiliate in L.A.)

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