Top 10/Bottom 5 L.A. TV anchors, reporters, studio analysts and personalities for 2013

An ad from a 1979 TV Guide touting Jim Hill, via an sale. He was at then-KNXT-Channel 2 from 1976-’87, went to KABC-Channel 7 (1987-92) and returned to KCBS-Channel 2. Does he look all that much different more than 30 years later?

From the days of Tom Kelly, Tom Harmon, Fast Eddie Alexander, Ted Dawson, Stu Nahan, Eddie Arnold, Vic Jacobs, Jim Lampley, Keith Olbermann and Randy Sprague:


1. JIM HILL, KCBS Channel 2/KCAL Channel 9 anchor / reporter:
The hustle and flow continues. One day, at Laker practice. The next, the MC at Jerry Buss’ memorial service.
Last year: No. 2

2. CURT SANDOVAL, KABC Channel 7 reporter / anchor:
Sees the bigger picture better than anyone, and conveys it.
Last year: No. 1

3. FRED ROGGIN, KNBC Channel 4 anchor:
Ever find him hosting a rugby telecast? Better than Olympic curling and boxing combined.
Last year: No. 3

4. PATRICK O’NEAL, FSW / Prime Ticket reporter / host:
What if he gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before his pops?
Last year: No. 4

5. GARY MILLER, KCAL Channel 9 anchor / reporter / studio host:
It’s his last year doing the Dodger pregame. Would be wise if the Dodgers considered taking him with ‘em to their new channel.
Last year: No. 6

6. ERIC KARROS, KCAL Channel 9 Dodgers analyst:
See: Miller, Gary.
Last year: No. 7

7. CHRIS McGEE, TWC SportsNet anchor:
If James Worthy tries to high-five you after a Lakers’ win, it’s fine to decline.
Last year: No. 8

8. (tie) KIKI VANDEWEGHE and DON MacLEAN, Prime Ticket Clippers studio analysts:
It’s become more important to hear and see their opinions evolve into graphic presentations as the team heads into playoff mode. Two guys who continue to put on a Sterling performance.
Last year: Honorable mention

10. PETROS PAPADAKIS, KNBC-Channel 4 “The Challenge” analyst:
The show avoids completely jumping any shark chum because of his appearances.
Last year: Honorable mention

Honorable mention: Jim Watson, Dodgers FSW studio; Jim Fox and Darryl Evans, Kings FSW studio analysts; Brian Hayward, Ducks Prime Ticket studio analyst; Derrin Horton, KTLA anchor; Mike Trudell, TWC SportsNet Lakers sideline reporter, Mark Rogondino, Prep Zone


1.  LIZ HABIB, KTTV Channel 11 reporter/ anchor:
The video clips of her work during the Kings’ Stanley Cup run aren’t resume material. But she resumes it as standard operating procedure. She’s now held this spot two years in a row. Guess you can call that Habib forming.

2. REBECCA HALL, KTLA Channel 5 reporter/anchor:
No more hall passes. Get your &%@S together. (Video? Nope, Tribune Company took it down).

3. KRISTINE LEAHY, KCAL Channel 9 reporter/anchor:
Apologies again, but there’s a bad pattern here. No one’s asking her to be the next Jaime Maggio. But she might look into why that would be a good thing.

4. DAVE MILLER, TWC SportsNet Lakers studio analyst:
KYP? Sorry, can’t decipher the Vitale-ish nonsense any more.

5. ANDY ADLER, TWC SportsNet Lakers social media reporter:
Tweet this: NBTD? (Ask Miller what it means).

Horrible mention: James Worthy, TWC SportsNet Lakers analyst; Norm Nixon, Lakers Channel 7 studio analyst; Michael Eaves and Mike Smith, Prime Ticket Clippers host and analyst.

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