The official Fox Sports 1 announcement … you can exhale now

Keith Olbermann is inquiring again about a job  in sports.

While ESPN hesitates,  Fox Sports 1 should be the one offering him immediate forgiveness and a place to call home again.

Even if Regis Philbin apparently beat him to the No. 1 billing.

Already being touted as a direct competitor to ESPN, there are several ways you can categorize the Fox Sports Media Group’s final announcement today that they’re going to rebrand the Speed Channel into the Fox Sports 1 Network — and somehow include Philbin in the mix because he’s in such high demand.

It all starts Aug. 17, and it depends on how much you think $1.25 a month is worth. Because, according to most media reports, that’s what Fox wants to charge your local cable and dish operators to carry it.

They’ll have 90 million homes at the time of its debut, which the network calls the “biggest sports network launch in history.” Compared to ….

From the Fox announcement in New York today at the upfront presentations to advertisers to try to drum up support, the details include:

== 4,800 live hours of sports events, news and original programming each year.

== The focus on college football and basketball (Pac-12, Big 12 and Conference USA), NASCAR (some Sprint Cup events in 2015), soccer (UEFA, CONCACAF, Men’s World Cup in ’18 and ’22, Women’s World Cup in ’15 and ’19), the UFC and, in 2014, regular-season MLB and post-season games.

== A studio show called “Fox Sports Live,” launching in Jan. 2014.

“Building credibility and trust with our audience is paramount, so naturally we’ll provide the staples, like news, scores and highlights, but we’ll do it in a Fox Sports way,” said Fox Sports President Eric Shanks in a statement.

== An original show called “Rush Hour,” hosted by Philbin from New York with a panel discussion that airs weekdays from 2-3 p.m. (PDT). When it’s apparently rush hour in New York, which is all that matters in the real world.

Here’s how others are trying to frame the Fox move, including Forbes, The New York Times, its own new Twitter account and SBNation.


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