“Going Roggin” the latest shot at late-night sports snark

In what producer Jared Kiemeney best describes as a sports version of “The O’Reilly Factor” meets “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” KNBC-Channel 4 anchor Fred Roggin will go off the high dive with something called “Going Roggin” starting Sunday, April 14 at midnight.

Think of it as a new half-hour, late-night program aimed at those who might not have to get up the next morning for work and don’t necessarily want the weekend to end.

One of the regular elements will be a kind of “First Take” scenario where special guests debate the issues of the day. Scheduled for the first show will be new KSPN-AM (710) weeknight host Jay from Compton along with Jackie Pepper, a TV sports reporter who most recently worked in Boston.

Other segments to ponder:
== “Fred’s Fishing Report,” which is literally a mock fishing report.
== “The Voice,” featuring team broadcasters such as the Ducks’ Brian Heyward and the Kings’ Jim Fox.
== “What’s in my Locker,” which is just as it sounds — go into a local locker room and find out what’s in an athletes’ locker stall.
== “WTF” — as in, “What the Fred?” which is a look at the more outlandish stories of the week.

“With the time slot, I think we’ll get to be a little more irreverent and snarky following the weekend sports wrap,” Kiemeney said of the show that will tape on Thursday nights.

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