How the Dodgers resolved a few live TV potholes for this week

Next year, the theory is that the Dodgers’ ownership of their own TV network will prevent situations like those that have occurred this week as part of their final go-around with FSW/Prime Ticket/Channel 9.

There’ll be a whole other set of issues in 2014, mind you, by owning the airwaves themselves.

But the scheduling conflicts this week — Prime’s commitment to the Clippers, FSW’s commitment to the Angels, KCAL not in the loop here and  the network not all that inspired to be too accommodating to the lame-duck Dodgers — meant the Dodgers’ games Wednesday in San Diego and Friday in Arizona needed a live TV home.

After scrambling with each dish and cable carrier in Southern California, the team put together a patchwork menu for the live telecasts — and not, not everyone was so hospitable:

AT&T X X CH 696 / HD CH 1696
Charter Communications No No Declined games.
Comcast Cable Communication No No Declined games.
Cox Santa Barbara X X CH 8
Cox Orange County X X CH 3
Cox Las Vegas X X CH 96
Cox Palos Verdes X X CH 3
DIRECTV X X CH 689 / HD CH 689-1
Dish X X 4/10 – CH. 449 / HD CH. 9519,4/12 – CH. 441 / HD CH. TBD
Time Warner – LA X X CH. 700
Time Warner – Desert Cities, Yucca, Banning X X CH. 590
Time Warner – Barstow X X CH. 671
Verizon Services Corp. X X CH. 1

Note: In addition to those alternate channels, both games will re-air on Prime Ticket. Wednesday’s game is at 10:30 p.m.; Friday’s game is at 10 p.m. At least, that’s the plan, unless the Clippers’ game goes OT and then your DVR won’t be set correctly.

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