Weekly sports media column 04.12.13: “42” finally arrives … see (and hear) it for yourself

What made it into the weekly media column:
A combination of two blog posts Thursday related to the new movie “42,” which is in theaters today — why John C. McGinley thought he had a duty to honor the memory of Red Barber’s voice, but Chadwick Boseman decided not to recreate Jackie Robinson talking the talk.
And by the way, some Southern California theaters Thursday night had 10 p.m. and midnight shows as interest for a huge weekend seems to be on the horizon.

What didn’t make it in:
== How close did Hollywood come in matching up the actors to the real thing in “42”?

== The Galaxy finds its way to NBC Sports Network for its game Saturday against Dallas (4:30 p.m., with Arlo White, Kyle Martino and Russ Thaler).

== Just when you think the Masters has done all it can to capture viewership with expanded, four-day coverage that includes ESPN for the first two rounds, you realize that No. 1-ranked Tiger Woods’ first round Thursday couldn’t be seen on TV. ESPN’s coverage didn’t begin until noon;Woods started at 7:45 a.m. EDT. “SportsCenter” gave periodic updates leading in to its live coverage. The Masters.com website, and the Masters app didn’t have Woods on with its featured group, either. When ESPN came on the air, Woods was about to hit his second shot on the par-5 15th hole. Phil Mickelson, in the second-to-last grouping, was on the 6th hole teeing off.

Otherwise, great call by Ed Sherman on Shermanreport.com to call attention to the fact that 83-year-old Dan Jenkins is tweeting from Augusta. “He is a must follow. You’ll never read a better use of 140 characters in social media.” That would be: https://twitter.com/danjenkinsgd. Michael O’Malley, executive editor for Golf Digest, assists Jenkins with what Vin Scully might have once referred to as his “twits.”

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