Garvey’s online garage sale nets … just $315,000?

According to data on the Baseball site, Steve Garvey probably made in the $300,000 a season range when he was playing first base for the Dodgers in the late 1970s, during their back-to-back seasons of winning the National League championship.

According to the final results of a 71-item auction on SCP Auctions in Orange County that ended Saturday night, Garvey saw about $315,000 bid on the sale of some things you’d assume to be in the priceless item category, things stored away for decades but finally allowed to be bought by the public.

For the 10-time All Star, 1981 World Series champion, four-time Gold Glove winner,  two-time All-Star Game MVP, two-time NLCS MVP, 1981 Roberto Clemente Award winner, 1984 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award and deserving to have his No. 6 retired not by the Dodgers but the San Diego Padres, Garvey discovered his 1974 NL MVP award was worth $68,482.

His copy of the 1981 World Series championship trophy went for $39,382.

The bat he used to hit the game-winning homer in Game 4 of the 1984  NLCS for San Diego fetched $21,524.

His 1977 and ’78 NLCS championship rings went for $20,724 each. Gold Glove awards from ’74 and ’75 were a combined $17,000.

The ’78 All-Star Game MVP trophy brought in excess of $8,000, about $2,500 more than the ’74 All-Star Game MVP trophy.

Strangely, neither  matched the $10,766 that came for his 1968 Ogden Dodgers Pioneer League championship ring.

Things you’d think were far more sentimental value to him — like his high school game-worn cap — was a steal for $396.

Warm-up jackets, hats, helmets, gloves and shoes ranged from $1,500 to $4,500. Some other rings of significance went for $2,500 to $3,500.

Watching players sell off their belongings, for whatever reason, by whatever means, has become a disheartening process. One of those items that reflect the shallowness of the whole fleecing procedure was Lot No. 531. That was the 1975 Baseball Writer’s Association of America Di Giovanna Trophy given to him as “The Player Who Most Typifies Dodger Tradition.”

It drew no bids.

By comparison, former Cleveland High standout Bret Saberhagen collected about $311,000 from the auction of 77 items, including his 1985 Cy Young Award ($38,588), ’89 Cy Young Award ($28.991), ’85 World Series MVP Award ($37,610), ’85 World Series championship ring ($73,409). And no one wanted his 1987 AL Comeback Player of the Year plaque. Other things in his collection included signed jerseys from former teammates.

More on the auction:

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