Books we couldn’t get into the rotation

Our apologies to the authors and publishers of these publications, which we hope you’ll consider tracking down and maybe giving us your reviews. As we decompress a bit from the 30 we just read (we know somehow we’ll get around to these as the summer goes on), please consider:

== “21 Illustrated Journal of Outsider Baseball: Forgotten Stars & Hometown Heroes,” by Gary Cieradkowski

== “Inside the Baseball Hall of Fame,” by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, with a forward by Brooks Robinson (go behind the scenes to see many of the pieces of history from the vault … kind of like what we did in June, 2010).

== “After Many A Summer: The Passing of the Giants and Dodgers and the Golden Age of New York Baseball” by Robert E. Murphy

== “Swinging ’73, Baseball’s Wildest Season: The Incredible Year Baseball Got the Designated Hitter, Wife-Swapping Pitchers, and Willie Mays Said Goodbye to America,” by Matthew Silverman

== “The Beef” by Harry Lockhart Jr.

== “Philadelphia’s Top 50 Baseball Players” by Rich Westcott

== “The Mouth that Roared: My Six Outspoken Decades in Baseball” by Dallas Green

== “Beyond DiMaggio: Italian Americans in Baseball,” by Lawrence Baldassaro

== “America’s Classic Ballparks,” by James Buckley

== “Bluegrass Baseball: A Year in the Minor League Life” by Kayta Cengel

== “Mr. Wrigley’s Ball Club: Chicago & The Cubs During the Jazz Age” by Roberts Ehrgott

== “Drama and Pride in the Gateway City: The 1964 St. Louis Cardinals” by John Harry Stahl and Bill Nowlin

== “Bridging Two Dynasties: The 1947 New York Yankees” by Lyle Spatz

== “Core Four: The Heart and Soul of the Yankees Dynasty,” by Phil Pepe

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