An electronic billboard fix would help Arte’s Angels tell the truth

anaheim angels billboardBy the numbers, those Angels’ billboard that still hang around town outnumber anything the Dodgers have posted along the side of our city’s freeways.

The big red boards supported by team owner and billboard baron Arte Moreno aren’t so easy to figure out — what does it four World Series champions, 11 World Series appearances, 11 Silver Sluggers, 25 All-Star Selections, 4 MVPs, 2 batting titles, 6 Gold Gloves, 2 Rookies of the Year, and 2 Manager of the Year awards mean?

Any way to update those digits? How about:

11-22: Third-worst mark in baseball, matching the worst start in team history after 33 games.

16.9: Percentage of chances the team is given to make the playoffs from, based on an 79-83 projected finish.

8.6: Percentage of chances the team is given to make the playoffs from (still better than the Dodgers’ 6.0 percent).

127: Payroll, in millions, for this team, ranking fifth in all of baseball this season.

61: Payroll, in millions, for the 2002 team that won the World Series, ranking 15th in all of baseball that season.

3: Home runs hit by Josh Hamilton, tied for fifth on the team with catcher Chris Iannetta, who has 50 fewer at bats.

1.3: Mike Trout’s WAR this season.

Minus 0.5: Hamilton’s WAR this season.

18: Pitchers used in April

13: The channel the team gets bumped to if there’s a hockey game on FSW

1: Manager who might want to make sure his contract calls for a nice padded landing.

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