Millers crossing the 50 year mark

bottle2otoA happy 50th anniversary to Kings’ Hall of Fame play-by-play man Bob Miller and his wife Judy, who celebrate the date on Saturday — an off-day for the Kings, but one that could be a travel day from L.A. to St. Louis for a Monday Game 7 in their series. The Millers were recently presented with a unique commemorative hand-etched 6-liter bottle of wine customed designed by The Valedictorian Company and FSW/Prime Ticket statman Doug Mann.
bottleoThe bottle was a gift from a group of Miller’s friends presented after the final regular-season game against San Jose in the Chick Hearn Press Room at Staples Center. The back of the bottle shows the Millers with the Stanley Cup, while the front is a black-and-white picture from their wedding day. Check out
“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to be on the road with the Kings on this 50th anniversary and it appears that even if there is a game 7 in St. Louis, we won’t be leaving until Sunday,” Miller said Thursday. “Both Judy and I were really surprised by the nice reception after a Kings game at
Staples Center last week. Doug also arranged for each of us to receive a University of Wisconsin hockey jersey since I started doing hockey for the Badgers and two football jerseys from the University of Iowa where I went to college.
“The bottle was beautiful. When I looked at that wedding day photo, I looked so young I said, ‘I have no idea who this guy is.'”

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