Weekly media column version 05.17.13: The realities of the Kings’ playoff run hits home again for Miller, Fox

What made it into the big-boy column this week:

Hockey-Ratings-JokeIt’s one year later, but it doesn’t mean the Kings’ TV crew of Bob Miller and Jim Fox have this playoff blackout thing figured out any better. They’re just more adjusted this time when NBC Sports Network takes over the coverage. Plus more on ESPN taking over the U.S. Open, while we like Dottie Pepper, and can’t really deal with car horn sounds on the radio any more.

What we put away for save keeping here on the internet machine:

== In light of the recent push by U.S. senator John McCain to get support for his Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 bill that will give viewers the option of ordering a la carte programming instead of bundled packages — a desire precipitated by rising sports-channel costs related to rights fees – the Arizona Republic offered an editorial Sunday focused on how the market, not laws, will eventually cause change here.
“It may all be academic anyway. Television delivery faces major disruptive change. Satellite television offers one alternative. Services such as Netflix and Hulu allow people to watch what they want, when they want. And those innovations are about to be overrun themselves. The growth of mobile devices is ushering in more innovation, and more choices. Cable won’t long be able to act as a monopoly. To compete, it will have to adjust to customers’ desires. That’s a more powerful incentive than any piece of legislation.”

== Why ESPN “SportsCenter” needs its own bus. And its own new giant-sized set.

== When will an openly-gay sportscaster be revealed to the public?

== Fox has Kenny Albert with Tim McCarver and Ken Rosenthal at the Angels-White Sox game from Anaheim on Saturday (1 p.m., Channel 11), only going to 14 percent of the country. The rest will get either Cincinnati-Philadelphia or Tampa Bay-Baltimore.

== The movie trailers are out for the Ron Howard film “Rush,” coming out this fall, based on the rivalry in the 1980s between of Formula 1 drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

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