Eagle is just the sort to hatch “Stars on Sports”

Illustration from NJ.com

Illustration from NJ.com

Ian Eagle’s entertainment pedigree would seem to make the CBS sportscaster a natural for the network to try a possible new series called “Stars on Sports,” which gets its first test run Saturday at 11 a.m. on KCBS Channel 2.

Eagle’s father, Jack, was a standup comedian who appeared in more than 50 TV commercials, best remembered in the role of Brother Dominic, the beleaguered monk in the Xerox commercials. His mother, Monica Maris, was a singer and actress who played Judy Garland in the long running Las Vegas legends show.

“For me, this was a perfect way to blend sports and entertainment into an interview format, and I don’t think there’s anything out there quite like it on a national level,” said Eagle, whose sitdowns with “NCIS” star LL Cool J and actor Ethan Hawke fills the first hour-long installment of the “Stars on Sports” show.

Eagle taped the shows between the time he was finished calling the Brooklyn Nets-Chicago Bulls playoff series and before leaving to Paris to work on the French Open.

A co-production between Turner and CBS, the idea was pitched in early March and got the green light shortly thereafter.

Hawke, a big New York Knicks fan, talks about how he would have loved to play Branch Rickey in the movie “42.” LL Cool J reveals some behind-the-scenes stories during the filming of “Any Given Sunday.”

“I’ve always been a big pop culture guy, so it was fun to do something a little different,” said Eagle, who said he hopes to expand the show to possibly include interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock or Robin Williams.

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