Lasorda Q-and-A Part VI: What else is on his mind?

lasorda ringQ: So which World Series championship ring do you where there on your right hand?
A: That’s the Hall of Fame ring. It’s the top of the mountain. You crawl, you scratch, you laugh, then you get this. I used to wear World Series rings, but I’d never know which one to wear – 1988 or 1981. One was full of talent. The other was a bunch of no-named who scratched and clawed their way to the top.

Q: Are you able to throw batting practice anymore?
A: Not since I fell in a hotel room years ago. I’m trying to put my foot up and pull on a sock and fell backward, hit my head. I put my hand out to break my fall and tore up everything in my left arm. My doctor said he could fix it. Why? Just so I could throw out first pitches? I’ll just roll the ball out there across the field.

tommy-lasordaQ: If you were ever going to be a head coach in something other than baseball, what would it be?
A: I would love to have been a football coach. I still speak to a lot of teams. The Wisconsin team has won four Rose Bowls every time I speak to them.
Q: What kind of football strategy to you know?
A: I know quite a bit about the game. Here’s the ball, go ahead, damn it, give me everything you’ve got. That’s all I’m asking.
Q: You’d be the head coach who gave the pre-game speeches, but then turn it all over to your assistants?
A: Yeah, that’s the way to do it. Head coach doesn’t do anything. They’ve got 20 guys helping them.

Q: Any plans to go with the Dodgers to Australia next year for the season opener against the Diamondbacks?
A: No. It’s too far. I’ve only been there one time – for a good reason (the 2000 Olympics). And I popped off, too, that we were going to win the gold medal. They said no one could beat that Cuban team. That was one of the greatest thrills of my life. I cried because I knew I did something for my country, not for the Dodgers or Yankees or Reds.


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