Media column version 08.09.13 — Great as it was 25 years ago, Gretzky’s trade to L.A. continues to cause a media seismic shift

What made it into Friday’s weekly media column:
A look at how the Wayne Gretzky trade to L.A. 25 years ago today affected the Kings from a media perspective, talking to Bob Miller, Nick Nickson and Jim Fox.

What’s relegated to the blog:
== Check out a multi-part series by SportsNet in Canada about the Gretzky trade after all these years, with interesting interviews, facts and reflections.
== Now it can be told that on the day Gretzky was traded, he was at Alan Thicke’s house, babysitting a future R&B pop star.

== In 2009, SportsNet also ran excerpts of media columns in reaction to the Gretzky deal.
gretzky-kings-sports-illustratedAs E.M. Swift wrote for Sports Illustrated on August 22, 1988:
“In case you have been walking the picket lines outside The Last Temptation of Christ and have missed the news, on Aug. 9 the Kings and the Edmonton Oilers swung the biggest trade in NHL history and, at least monetarily, the biggest in the history of sports. …
“If the Great One’s arrival in the City of Angels does not exactly mark the Second Coming, it’s the closest thing to divine intervention that the Kings have seen in their 21 years of trying to put fannies in the seats of the Forum.
“The deal stunned the sports world. Not since the Milwaukee Bucks sent Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers in 1975 had an athlete of Gretzky ‘s magnitude been traded in his prime. Because of the huge amount of money that changed hands, comparisons were immediately made to the 1919 deal which sent Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees for $100,000.
“Reactions throughout the U.S. and Canada were immediate and wide-ranging:
“Canada’s New Democratic Party House leader Nelson Riis: ‘Wayne Gretzky is a national symbol, like the beaver. How can we allow the sale of our national symbols? The Edmonton Oilers without Wayne Gretzky is like…Wheel of Fortune without Vanna White’.”

== Still can’t get my head around this Fox deal to buy away the U.S. Open golf tournament starting in 2015. Thanks to links expert Ed Sherman for having some better perspective. Also, to Geoff Shakelford.
Or, will Fox reinvent golf?

== And as for the new, hip Fox Sports 1 trying to revive horse racing

== Check out the new Dodger blog launched Thursday by former Daily News beat reporter and current foot fungus (his words) Tony Jackson at (thanks to the tip from Howard Cole at L.A. Weekly with more background)

== Chris Myers and Eric Karros have the Dodgers for the second week in a row, this time at home against Tampa Bay (Saturday, 1 p.m, Channel 11, with Ken Rosenthal), going to 81 percent of the country. Baltimore at San Francisco (Kenny Albert and Tim McCarver) only goes to 10 percent, with another nine percent having to endure Minnesota at Chicago White Sox (Dick Stockton and Bert Blyleven). ESPN has Dan Shulman, John Kruk and Orel Hershiser doing Sunday’s Dodgers-Rays game (5 p.m.)
ESPN also has Dave O’Brien, Rick Sutcliffe and Aaron Boone, with Tim Kurkjian, on the Angels-Yankees game Monday at Yankee Stadium (4 p.m.)

== On the radar for Tuesday, 5 p.m.: The next ESPN Films and espnW “Nine for IX” series called “Runner” looks back at the 1984 Summer Olympics in L.A. when Mary Decker’s appearance in the 3,000 meters was derailed by South African Zola Budd. Shola Lynch, a documentary filmmaker and one-time track star who had been dubbed “the next Mary Decker” is behind this documentary and the Columbia University journalism graduate is working on a book related to this film as well.

== On the radar for Monday, 6 p.m.: Larry David’s appearance on “Feherty” (via Golf Channel):

“There’s no reason why I should be golfing at all,” David admits. Because it provided some of the best golf-related storylines in his HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” There’s “The Weatherman” (Season 4, 2004), where Larry thinks the local TV weatherman is manipulating the reports with threats of rain so he can have the country club all to himself. In “The 5 Wood” (Season 5, 2004), Larry attends the funeral of Leo Funkhauser only to discover that Leo has decided to be buried with his “favorite club” – which turns out be Larry’s 5 wood clutched in his dead hands. And in “The Black Swan” (Season 7, 2009) Larry tries to cover his tracks after he “accidentally” causes the death of a country club member (Norm, played by Paul Mazursky) by yelling at him for slow play, and then kills the club’s expensive live mascot in an act of self defense.

== Not stoked about the new Jay Mariotti media venture?

== Not a big self-promoter — my ego can’t handle all the extra pressure that comes with it — but if you missed “Goin’ Roggin” with Fred Roggin and Petros Papadakis last Sunday night/Monday morning on Channel 4, here are a few clips:
= Talking about Lane Kiffin and USC
= The ‘rapid fire’ segment
Future appearances appear to be in the works if adequate compensation (gas money, plus a trip to Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake) can be arranged.


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