Let’s be candid: Pac-12 Net’s viral approach to sway DirecTV subscribers is at least educational

The latest (and a bit more humorous approach rather than a Larry Scott rant) to the Pac-12’s attempt to get DirecTV customers to drop their service and switch to “one of the many providers” offering the Pac-12 Network came with a series of videos launched today.

(Might want to include this with Verizon FIOS and Charter subscribers as well, since they’ve held out in the Pac-12’s desire to have its channel put on a basic tier with an 80 cent charge if they’re in a Pac-12-friendly city).

First, the story on the website.

Then the video targeting USC fans:

And one aimed at UCLA followers:

Here’s the whole play list.

Maybe the inspiration came from the third paragraph of this column written a couple of weeks ago? If so, you’re welcome.

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