It’s Out of the Question: Motor to Miami by Monday? It depends

So what’s the gameplan, pally?
If you’re still so in love with your Time Warner Cable subscription and you’ve got to keep tabs on those can’t-miss-‘em Dodgers on their next road adventure, how quickly can you load the car with a supply of adult diapers and In-N-Out double-doubles and point yourself toward Cape Canaveral?
Think you can get to Miami safely by Monday? Or resolve to just listen to Rick Monday on the radio?
Postcards-1232Aside from having Saturday’s Dodgers-Phillies game from Philadelphia, KCAL-Channel 9 has the exclusive L.A. rights to carry all four Dodgers-Marlins games from Miami next week.
You really going to sit there and not watch Clayton Kershaw’s next two starts slip past your TV screen?
What’s the alternative?
Somehow, KCAL is dragged by its heels into this TWC-CBS blackout carriage dispute since Aug. 2 because it is owned by the network (that also has custody of KCBS-Channel 2).
Nothing new to report for those who couldn’t see their PGA Championship last week and are also about to miss their ArenaFootball League championship game this morning.
Then comes the NFL and the U.S. Open tennis.
Cable-guyAnother classic class-action lawsuit was filed this week in L.A. Superior Court on behalf of TWC subscribers who felt they’ve been duped. This is a different set of lawyers than the ones who’ve already class-actioned TWC back in June, with more clients upset they’ve been paying extra to have Lakers and Dodgers channels attached on their monthly bill when they really don’t want them.
Tell you what — if you’ve gone this long already without a daily dose of “The Price Is Right,” what’s left to live for?

bres== By the way, if Yasiel Puig did pull up in the In-N-Out drive-thu and ordered a double-double, why wouldn’t he try to stretch it to a 3×3 by the time he got to the pay window?

== Sorry, Charlie, but if the Phillies’ ultimate goal is to have a younger team, isn’t firing 69-year-old manager Charlie Manuel the first step?
By the way, Jim Leyland is a year younger than Manuel (according to the website

BR0MEzMCAAApb_A.jpg large== With Brian Wilson sporting No. 00 and Hyun-Jin Ryu hanging on to No. 99, does that pretty much cover the whole spectrum of characters on this Dodgers’ roster?

== Jim Buss has declared that Dwight Howard was “never really a Laker.”
This, from someone who most of the L.A. citizenry would not consider to be “really a Laker” either?

== When informed that the MLB is considering expanding replay to managerial challenges starting in 2014, Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond tweeted out: “Coaches challenge in baseball, really? . . . .If you think there’s a problem with breaks, do you make the airbags stronger or get the breaks fixed?
In other words: If current MLB umpires remain incompetent, how quickly can you break in new ones?

tumblr_mrlebyYsKu1rge74zo1_500== How sweet that what’s left of the rock group KISS wants to help launch a 2014 Arena Football League team in Anaheim, call it the L.A. Kiss, and rock ‘n’ roll all night.
We’ve been in somewhat of an arena-sized funk since our the L.A. Avengers kissed us goodbye years ago. But isn’t this like trying to put makeup on a pigskin?
Also, does someone other than Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley get final approval on uniform design?

== We haven’t seen the last of Allyson Felix. Have we?

 Allyson Felix is carried by her brother Wes after she tore a hamstring in the women's 200-meter final at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow, Russia on Friday.  (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Allyson Felix is carried by her brother Wes after she tore a hamstring in the women’s 200-meter final at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow, Russia on Friday. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

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