Weekly media column version 08.15.13 — The 1-derful world of Fox Sports 1

UPDATED: 11:30 a.m. Friday:

foxsports1-busWhat made it into the main media column that rolled out today:
The fundamental hurdle for Fox Sports Wonderful (aka, FS1) to clear is having content and chemistry, or else it’s a “funny or die” situation. Today’s column is a version of the blog post we put up late Thursday.

What could have been included but wasn’t, but will appear here anyway:

The Associated Press

The Associated Press

== How Regis Philbin explains himself and FS1 to the New York Times. Media writer Richard Sandomir also has his spin on how the channel will launch.

== Fox Sports co-leader Randy Freer also discusses the FS1 launch during his appearance at a sports entertainment powwow  summit in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

== The Hollywood Reporter manages to focus on Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson — together, if you can tell them apart — in a cornball video on the magazine’s website to help promote its sports issues (with the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig on the cover):

== Attempting to somewhat legitimize Andrews and Thompson, THR also did a picture slide show on the site for a piece called “9 All Star Female Reporters” and, for maybe the first time in any media, included their names under the same umbrella as Michele Tafoya, Hannah Storm, Lesley Visser, Mary Carillo, Michelle Beadle, Rachel Nichols and Rebecca Lowe.
(Note: It was eventually changed to “10 All Star Female Reporters” when Suzy Kolber was later included).
Eventually, it gets around to a story about the subject of sexism.
hr_fox_sports22_a_pSays Andrews: “I came along right when the Internet was blowing up, right when the sports blogs started. So I was baptized into this world where these sports blogs dubbed me the ‘Sideline Barbie,’ the ‘Sideline Princess.’ And I was not only worrying about the questions I was asking, but then I had men on these blogs critiquing what I was wearing.”
(That could have been curbed by wearing something more appropriate to the profession, maybe?)
She goes on: “The sidelines aren’t as glamorous as everyone thinks. When halftime happens, you do the interview, and then you’ve got to grab a coach or a player. You don’t even have time to go to the bathroom. So I’m having a hot dog on the sideline, and people are taking photos and submitting them to the sports blogs. And it’s like, ‘How does she look eating a hot dog?’ It wasn’t about my reporting, it was, ‘What is she wearing, who is she dating?'”
(Then why cohabitate with Kings’ player Jarret Stoll if you’re not interested in being gossiped about?)
Somehow, we never hear Andrea Kremer ever bemoaning these issues. You can’t butter both sides of your bread and not expect to get your hands greasy.
Or something like that.

== THR issue also has a piece on changing jocks into broadcasters and on Keith Olbermann’s ESPN return.

== A segment on the latest edition of HBO’s “Real Sports” is Carillo grilling Andy Roddick about why he’d join the FS1 “Fox Sports Live” cast. First airing of “Real Sports” is Tuesday, 10 p.m.

== More questions about FS1 answered, including where to find it on your TV.

== Chris Marlowe and Dain Blanton are on the CBS Sports Network call of the AVP’s event from Salt Lake City, Utah (Sunday, 1 p.m.). CBS Interactive has streaming of preliminary rounds on Saturday at noon.

== Starting Wednesday, by the way, CBSSN (as it would like to be called, in the same way NBC Sports Net digs on NBCSN) will move from Channel 613 to Channel 221 on DirecTV, much closer to those in its genre (and next to NBCSN on Channel 220).

== Wilt Chamberlain, as a bellhop for a Borscht Belt hotel? It happened, as you can see in this documentary posted on Grantland.com.

== Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket had three Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards at the 65th annual presentation in North Hollywood recently == for  its “Dodgers Weekly” show, its Clippers live game coverage and for sports reporting by Michael Eaves, which finally allows us to chime in on the fact that he has since left the company and joined the Al Jazeera America network. Jeez all around.

== Allyson Felix’s attempt to win the 200 meters at the IAAF World Track and Field Championships in Moscow should be in the Universal Sports coverage that airs between 8:30-11:30 a.m. today, with Tom Hammond and Ato Boldon on the call. NBC has live coverage Saturday (9 a.m., Channel 4) and taped coverage later Saturday (11:30 a.m.) and Sunday (11:30 a.m.)

== Someone named Andrew Catalon is joined by another guy named Anthony Herron, along with reporters Ari Wolfe and Sherdrick Bonner (a former Cal State Northridge quarterback and AFL standout), on CBS’ coverage of Arizona vs. Philadelphia in ArenaBowl XXVI (Saturday, 10 a.m. Channel 2).

== Shades of TJ Simers trying to prepare everyone for the early retirement of Vin Scully a few years ago based on no information … good thing no one overreacts to social media in 2013.

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  • Valley Guy

    Hoffarth, you forgot the local angle on the Arena Bowl broadcast: Sherdrick Bonner was a star quarterback at CSUN.

  • AE

    Andrews can cohabitate with whoever she wants. The issue is her constant self publicizing of her relationship with Stoll. If you don’t want it talked about then don’t tweet about it and post photos of it and discuss it in interviews and make it the first thing you talk about when you’re hosting celebrity talk shows.

  • Ray Sossamon

    Sorry Im just not sold on women broadcasters in baseball or football–they dont play -most never played at all–at least cheryl miller played and was good at basketball–They are “Barbies” Fox always does this schit–look at fox news–Sorry they just arent good at all–I dont care what they look like—I guess im like Joe Namath was–I just wanna fuqe them-Not talk sports with them-sad but true

  • Angie

    Erin doesn’t want people talking about what she’s wearing or who she’s dating yet she tweets more about her clothes and Stoll than she does about sports. She craves attention and does as much as she can to make sure she gets it.