Get to the point: Jets 2, Bucs 1, credibility 0?

How many noticed this score come across the bottom of the screen during the Raiders-Colts game Sunday morning on KCBS-Channel 2?:

Resampled_2013-09-08_10-45-59_55My friend Jim Krause (a stellar accountant by trade, no less) texted me that screen shot with the question: How is that score possible?
(Also probably thinking: Is it too late to take the unders?)
The Bucs actually led 7-2 at the time, scoring a touchdown with 1:07 left in the first quarter.
Second question: Can you actually score just one point, independent of a PAT after a touchdown, in an NFL game?
With rules about the defense able to return a blocked conversion or missed field goal, we know it exists in college (remember the 2013 Fiesta Bowl) and the Canadian Football League, but not in the NFL. Right?  Unless …



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