Weekly media column version 09.13.13 — It’s been exposed: Redskins is a naughty word, and media needs its keyboards washed out

UPDATED: Noon, Friday:

Check your calendar: It's time to start campaigning to eliminate "Redskins" from our vocabulary.

Check your calendar: It’s time to start campaigning to eliminate “Redskins” from our vocabulary.

What made news this week for column material:

A defining moment in the sports media: What does the word “Redskins” mean?
slang_defThe American Heritage Dictionary: n. Offensive Slang.Used as a disparaging term for a Native American.
Oxford Dictionary: noun. dated offensive. American Indian.
Merriam-Webster: usually offensive: American Indian
Urban Dictionary: An offensive and derogatory term referring to native Americans. Comes from when the government paid for each ‘indian’ one killed. Instead of carrying the bodies they would take the scalps to prove they had murdered a native american.

From the New York Times, 1962 (from CBSSports.com)

From the New York Times, 1962 (from CBSSports.com, pointing out the name Redskins has been objectionable for more than 40 years as far as some groups are concerned)

As more high-profile journalists, columnists, writers, bloggers and Twitter afficinators decide they’ll stop using the nickname “Redskins” in referring to the NFL team in Washington, what’s the end game?
Last June, Tim Graham, a former ESPN.com writer who works now for the Buffalo News, wrote a piece: “I’m not out to change the world or the NFL or what you believe. My plan is to change me and how I operate. Beyond the period at the end of this sentence, I intend never to use the word redskin again. . . .”
Longtime Philadelphia Daily News sports columnist John Smallwood followed a week later: “It probably won’t make much difference to a lot of people other than me. But it’s something I can do. It’s something that I chose to do.”
Rich Eisen, a prominent host on the NFL Network, told Dan Patrick on his show Thursday that he’s now receiving emails asking him not to use the word “Redskins” on the league-owned channel.
redskins_mascot“I act like I don’t receive the email,” Eisen said. “But seriously, I don’t know. It’s a difficult spot for someone like me, or you, to be asked that by a friend.”
Replied Patrick: “But saying the name doesn’t mean we support it.”
“If I go on the air and just say ‘Washington’ will that cause (team owner) Dan Snyder to change the team name?” Eisen followed.
Choice is what matters, no matter who offers the inspiration, what the reasons may be, what results you’re trying to champion.
Redskin_Theater,_Anadarko,_OklahomaIt’s worth thinking about, and perhaps even counting the number of times you hear Joe Buck say “Redskins” during the Fox coverage of the Washington-Green Bay game on Sunday morning.
== Ed Sherman’s recent take on the Redskins naming tale, with linke to Peter King’s MMQB.com proclamation and ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte laying down his thoughts.
== Slate has its say in the matter; Christine Brennan talks out her line of  reasoning at USA Today.

== Keith Olbermann’s take on what will entice the Redskins’ name change — more money (above), without commenting about media getting to be part of the story.

== CBSSports.com reports that when the Redskins take the field in Green Bay Sunday, they’ll have to contend with members of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, who will also be on hand to protest the team name, according to the Green Bay Gazette.

What is your opinion on the use of the nickname “Redskins”
More offensive than Indians, Braves or Redmen
Not offended, don’t care if the name remains
Not offended, but name should be changed
Offended, changed the name
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What else could have been involved in the media column process but we’ve saved for this space instead:

Don't recall this as the front page of the Daily News the other day, but it is once of the nicer designed ones we've seen in recent months. All thanks to "ROME" on CBSSN (weekdays, 3 p.m., from Southern California)

Don’t recall this as the front page of the Daily News the other day, but it is once of the nicer designed ones we’ve seen in recent months. All thanks to “ROME” on CBSSN (weekdays, 3 p.m., from Southern California)

== A topic of conversation in the next HBO “Real Sports” (Tuesday, 10 p.m.): Jon Frankel, the correspondent who specializes in head injuries, has a piece on the recent NFL’s settlement to pay $765 million to those with head trauma cases, talking to lead attorney Christopher Seeger as well as former players Dorsey Levens and Kevin Turner.

== TWC SportsNet has added former KCAL-Channel 9 anchor/reporter and Angels FSW reporter Jaime Maggio to its Lakers coverage, starting this week on “Access SportsNet: Lakers.”

== You’ll see cameos above  from HBO’s Jim Lampley as well as ESPN’s Steve Levy and John Buccigross as part of the trailer for the movie “Grudge Match,” a Warner Brothers boxing comedy coming out at Christmas featuring washed up fighters Sly Stallone (not as Rocky Balboa, but Henry “Razor” Sharp) and Robert De Niro (not as Jake LaMotta, but Billy “The Kid” McDonnen) playing out director Peter Segal’s warped sense of humor.

== The Pac-12 Net can trumpet a deal with AT&T Uverse, but not DirecTV? What gives?

== Now it can be told (by the New York Times): ESPN “College GameDay” would have been at UCLA-Nebraska if not for Alabama-Texas A&M being on this Saturday’s schedule.

== Backtracking in the SI Oklahoma State story?

== Brent Musburger says he gets M&Ms. Er, Mr. Eminem.

== The first of a two-part expose on college football by Norman Chad, as only he can do it in one take.

== KVEN (1450), the local Ventura County affiliate of USC football, has dropped Trojan games.

== Notre Dame-Serra, Palmdale-Orange Lutheran and Narbonne-Alemany are among the Week 2 high school games offered games on the Fox Sports West Prep Zone video stream today at 7 p.m

== Again, KNBC Channel 4 so sorry for upsetting Jim Mora at his UCLA press conference. Take it outside, eh?

== Jason Whitlock already has ESPN concerned about who he’s going to attack next (but Olbermann can get away with it?)

== How TJ Simers announced to the world that he’s taking his talents to Orange County. And how his former employer confirmed the news.

== Fox has Matt Vasgersian and Tim McCarver on the Yankees-Red Sox (yawn) game (Saturday, 10 a.m., Channel 11) going to 84 percent of the country. Don’t expect to see either the Dodgers or Angels on a Fox or ESPN national game through the end of this season, with the rest of their schedules all inter-division and races all but settled in their regard.

== The rest of the weekend schedule for NFL Week 2 and college football Week 3. With an update: Since Fresno State-Colorado has been postponed due to flooding, USC-Boston College will be shown across all Pac-12 channels. Yee haw.

== A Skip Bayless profile from the Washington Post that may make you almost feel sorry for him, according to Deadspin.com.

== What if the new Apple iPhone used Vin Scully’s voice instead of Siri?

== And finally: Ross Porter is honored with throwing out the first pitch before the Dodgers’ game last Saturday:

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  • Tom

    The Dodgers and Angels both have intra-divisional games remaining on their schedules but no inter-divisional games.