The Scully News Swarm: Reading between the lines

vin-scully-bobblehead (1)Maybe you were confused and caught a little off guard by the “news” generated by Vin Scully in talking to KPCC, the local NPR station, and offering up some hint that 2014 might be his last doing Dodgers broadcasts.

The interview, which appeared in full today, had been teased a day earlier with a quote extracted from Scully’s conversation, where he was asked about his future: “I’m looking to next year and thinking that should be about it.”

A Twitter storm followed by those who worried that that meant what it appeared to mean: Vin thinks next year could be the end. Except, that’s what he’s been saying for the last five years when asked that question. That’s his reflex response.

No, he wasn’t backtracking as a city in “dismay” started to submit request do-not resuscitate forms to their local physicians.

Whenever Scully “leaves a hole that can’t be filled” (that, ripped from the headlines at Daily Variety) believe us, it won’t be some off-handed comment meant to be taken and run with it.

Thankfully, the L.A. Times’ Steve Dilbeck had the common sense to give Vin a call in Atlanta as the story started to unravel and have him explain himself — not backtrack as others want to frame it.

“I wasn’t making a declaration,” Scully said. “I guess it was misconstrued. Each year is my last, until the next one. I never say yes or no.”

Please, cut and save that quote whenever you hear or see another “Scully says he’s quitting” story.

When we did our recent “in places lovely” Q-and-A with Vin that appeared on the blog on the final day of the regular season and now has landed on the front page of the L.A. News Group editions today, we refrained from promoting the quotes that he had about Sen. John McCain, only because we feared they’d get taken out of context. That had to be read within the context of the interview to understand what he meant.

We also asked about his future, but knew the answer, in one way or another. His similar reply, we left it out because, well, there was nothing new to add to the discussion.

What we also left out, and what Dilbeck did include, was more about this whole idea of a street named after him. Scully has tried to squash the idea out of sincere modesty, somewhat embarassed the idea came from his daughter-in-law’s blog (which he told us about but asked we not report that, but which now has come out in the KPCC interview).

Street SignOur guess: It’ll happen sooner rather than later, once things settle down and the team execs talk him through how the city would embrace it. Face it: A guy who’s had his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for more than 20 years, a street named after him Vero Beach’s Dodgertown and the press box at Dodger Stadium with his name aglow on the outside deserves another landmark moment.

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