Weekly media column version 10.04.13: Regarding Amy Trask — no one’s giving her the business

UPDATED: 10:30 a.m. FRIDAY:

What made it in as part of the weekly shoveling of the paragraphs:

2011 NFL - Oakland Raiders at San Francisco 49ers (3-17) - August 20, 2011A look at how former Raiders CEO Amy Trask has been up to the task of joining the boys in talking Sunday morning football on CBS Sports Network. Add to that the channel has just been added to Time Warner Cable’s DTV package on most systems, boosting CBSSN into more than 53 million homes and available to more than 90 million households.

What didn’t quite make into the column:

== Trask talked about the fact that after she came out in favor of the Washington Redskins changing their nickname, it was interesting how the Oneida Indian Nation used her quotes directly from the CBS Sports Network broadcast as part of their national ad campaign during broadcasts of the Raiders’ game against the Redskins in Oakland.


“Try this,” she said on the Sept. 15 show. “Substitute for the word Redskins any other derogatory slur and think of that as the team name. …. Changing the team name and logo really can inspire people and encourage people to treat everyone respectfully. I do hope the team takes this opportunity to do something very, very special, because it’s just not OK, in my view, to refer to people or any person, by use of a derogatory slur.”

Trask, who had already expressed her opinions about the subject in print on Peter King’s MMQB website and expanded on them for Mike Florio’s ProFootball Talk, said: “I tend to think there was simply some accidental oversight on using the quotes without contacting me. The first amendment has very robust rights about political free speech. CBS didn’t seem to have any qualms about it.”

== Trask also talked about what it was like being in the studio for the first time and seeing the red camera light go on:
“Did you ever see that episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’ when Cindy was going to be on TV and she looks at the red light and just freezes up? I wondered if I was going to have that Cindy Brady moment. But I didn’t. All the people on the staff, the gentlemen on the set, they were all very encouraging and supportive. They were literally and figuratively holding my hand through it all.”

== Seriously, we just can’t see anyone  wanting to include Lane Kiffin in their college football or NFL studio shows over the next couple of months. Media friendly?

== A link to the PBS site set up for the “Frontline” two-hour documentary on the NFL concussion issues called “League of Denial” that airs Tuesday at 9 p.m.
One of the key interviews in the documentary, and posted on the site, is with agent Leigh Steinberg. He describes the hospital room scene with client Troy Aikman after the Dallas Cowboys quarterback suffered a concussion in the 1994 NFC title game against San Francisco. Aikman twice asked him why he was there, who won the game, and what was next – going to the Super Bowl. “For a minute I thought he was joking and we went through the same sequence of answers again,” said Steinberg. “Maybe 10 minutes passed, and he asked me the same sequence of questions. It terrified me to see how tender the bond was between consciousness and potential dementia and confusion.”

== CBS’ “The NFL Today” adds a live segment with Jim Rome for Sunday.

== Discovery Channel was allowed to take a crew to London to capture behind-the-scenes stuff from the Minnesota-Pittsburgh NFL game last Sunday — team meetings, practices, lockers … “NFL In Season: Steelers vs. Vikings” launches tonight at 10 p.m. on Discovery. Who produced it? Same NFL Films guys who did HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” They plan to circle back to when San Francisco faces Jacksonville in another NFL London game on Oct. 27.

== The Lakers or Clippers don’t want to hire George Karl? ESPN just did, for their “SportsCenter,” “NBA Coast 2 Coast” and “NBA Tonight” studio shows, starting Saturday. He previously worked as an ESPN studio analyst in 2003-04. ESPN has also re-nabbed Avery Johnson as a studio analyst as well for the same shows, starting Oct. 21. Johnson worked at ESPN from 2008-2010.

== The TV schedule for this weekend’s college football and NFL games.

== The announcement that the Lakers and KSPN-AM (710) will stick together another seven seasons.

== Two (more) blog posts about the value of Vin Scully and his radio calls, and about how when he talks about his future, sometimes not even God is smiling. And another look back at the hard work put in by Chuck Culpepper for SportsOnEarth.com to show what kind of work Scully puts into a daily broadcast.

== A petition to keep Steve Lyons as part of the Dodgers’ broadcast moving forward.

== We sensed there’d be some backlash by the current Sports Illustrated cover including the Atlanta Braves’ Upton brothers along with swimsuit model Kate Upton, but the stuff Sports Business Daily writer John Ourand notes is better than what we anticipated. Such as what Sports Media Watch tweeted, “Glad to see Sports Illustrated continue its long tradition of featuring women on its cover. Real progressive stuff.” Ourand also pulled a quote from former SI writer Selena Roberts from a publication-sponsored event last month where she said: “When I was at Sports Illustrated, it’s disappointing because there were not many women in leadership. It’s no surprise that Sports Illustrated had more women on the covers in the 1950s and 1960s than they do now,” she said. “The travesty of Sports Illustrated is that it has a rare opportunity to shape the agenda and to reflect society and it has chosen to revert back to what it was prior to the 1950s. That’s unfortunate. You have such an iconic magazine that, ironically, is fueled by women. Nothing makes more money for them than women. It’s women with bathing suits on. Women save the day at SI every single year. That’s the great irony. Women fund the stories on men for the entire year.”

== Boxing on the Internet machine? ESPN3 has live coverage of the 12-round WBA super bantamweight title bout between Scott Quigg (26-0-1, 19 KOs) and Yoandris Salinas (20-0-1, 13 KOs) on Saturday at 12:30 p.m., while the card launches from London’s O2 Arena.
“ESPN3 provides a great opportunity to provide boxing fans with easy access to world-class fights that previously would not have been shown in the United States,” said Brian Kweder, senior director of programming and acquisitions at ESPN. “We are happy to feature this world title matchup on ESPN3.”

Ken_Hawk_Harrelson_04-25_640x360_28099139895== The 10 finalists for the Ford C. Frick Award, given by the Baseball Hall of Fame for excellence in broadcasting: Ken “Hawk” Harrelson (Chicago White Sox), Joe Castiglione (Red Sox), Jacques Doucet (Expos, Blue Jays), Bill King (A’s), Duane Kuiper (Giants), Eric Nadel (Rangers), Eduardo Ortega (Padres), Mike Shannon (Cardinals), Dewayne Staats (Rays) and Pete van Wieren (Braves). The winner is announced in mid-December. Again, if we had a vote: King.

== The Comcast SportsNet Houston channel that’s going to cover Dwight Howard’s debut season for the Rockets … you hope it’ll be solvent by next month before any other cable outlets boycott buying it.

== ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte — and please, if you haven’t, find his autobiography called “An Accidental Sportswriter” — answered some questions from readers ESPN.com that included:
Q: I’m surprised ESPN brought Keith Olbermann back, given his obvious political leanings in his previous jobs at MSNBC and others. He also seems to frequently attack other media (he took on Fox News before, and I’ve seen him go after the Daily News on ESPN). Is that fair reporting? Shouldn’t he focus on the newsmakers, not the news outlets?
A: I think that’s a terrific question. Back in the day, when I actually wrote for ESPN, I often felt frustrated in not being allowed — even obliquely — to write about other sports media. I think how the media covers sports, whether live or investigative journalism, is part of how the rest of us consume and understand sports. I was absolutely delighted when Olbermann punched a hole in that wall. I hope he’ll do more and I hope other writers and broadcasters on ESPN will follow suit.

== Fox Sports 1 reached a deal with USA Rugby to carry the “Black and Blue Match,” featuring New Zealand’s All Blacks against the U.S. men’s Eagles in Philadelphia on Nov. 9 at 4 p.m. (although the match won’t air until Sunday at 9 a.m.).

Muhammad-Alis-Greatest-Fight-danny-glover== Any kind of docudrama surrounding the life and times of Muhammad Ali, combined with the expertise of HBO Films behind it, should be compelling enough to make sure the DVR is set. But the upcoming special called “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight” (Saturday, 8 p.m.) is “a slight bait and switch,” according to a review in the latest Entertainment Weekly (our go-to source for baiting and switching of things that look newsworthy). Frank Langella plays chief justice Warren Burger who has to decide Ali’s conscientious objector plea based on religious opposition to being in the draft for serving in the Vietnam War in 1971. Stephen Frears, nominated for an Academy Award for his work in “The Queen,” directs this piece that includes Christopher Plummer as the pivotal justice John Harlan II. Danny Glover (justice Thurgood Marshall) and Ed Begley Jr. (justice Harry Blackmum) are also on the stand.
9781590772102_p0_v4_s260x420The film is based on the book of the same name by Howard Bingham and Max Wallace. All portrayals of Ali are from archival footage, so no actor is cast as the boxing legend. As for the EW review, it’s framed as “a slipshod ’12 Angry Men (or 9 Grumpy Old Men?) and the footage of the real Ali only makes the drama look more lightweight.” The magazine gave it a C-plus.


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